Who we are
and what motivate us

Corporate Culture
of WWM

Our value culture

Working at WWM means experiencing a very special spirit. To make clear what we mean by this WWM spirit, we have come together to establish different values that are important to us in day-to-day operations. We consider such intense identification with WWM an important step towards a mutual understanding and a productive work environment.

Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz

Dr. Christian Coppeneur-GülzCEO

To make your own decision and take liability is how the Crew is working.

Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz, CEO WWM

The values of WWM employees

Values are the basis for our company management and are reflected in each individual communication. We communicate directly regarding the issue, but will always show respect and fairness.

Our team combines honesty and helping hands. Only if we are honest to each other can we help and support each other as well.

Enthusiasm is our fuel for excellent performance. Not only should our projects be a rewarding experience, but even in between we will make room for breaks. The prerequisite for it is to start working on all tasks reliably in order to generate success and, thus, rewards for all stakeholders.

In our opinion, dynamic growth and innovation are key to an ever-changing world. Only if people are willing to accept changes can they successfully meet challenges. Our growth is driven by innovation, by courage, not recklessness.

Our employees enjoy the greatest degree of freedom when it comes to making decisions. In return, we expect that each one of us assumes responsibility for their actions.

We live in a society focused on excellence and performance. Expertise, quality, and careful observation are natural drivers of our behavior. At the same time, we respect everyone who surpasses our standards.

Our team makes every stakeholder feel secure: A secure job, a secure cooperative, a secure project. This requires commercial thinking. We consider mutual loyalty our foundation for a secure environment

We believe that health, a healthy work-life ratio, and enjoying life is what constitutes a balanced individual. In our eyes, this also requires creating the right balance regarding our ecological and social environment. The physical and mental health of our employees is important to us. We strive for establishing sustainable relationships between people and a sustainable use of our natural resources.

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