Your event equipment
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Your equipment at a glance

Mobile presentations are easy to transport, fast in installation and produce for frequent use. The choice for a pop-up display, rollup or ecological presentation system should determine by the intended use.

The decided facts are for example, if you present indoor or outdoor, how much room is available for you and how often the system should use again. If you contemplable these facts, you can represent your company always suitable for the occasion.

From pop-up displays to shoes for work

We take care of your equipment
  • Our logistic experts take care of your equipment
  • No charge rent systems combined with your own article
  • For you we enable almost all

Individual components

Your event equipment always gives you an survey about you components which kept in readiness for your next event. Clearly categories care for the fast and easy booking from rollups to bar stools.

We storage more than 10.000 different article for our customers like bar stools, bicycles or medical machines. With one click our logistic professionals sending your article to your event.

Always at a glance

Availability in real-time

Your event sets

For most events like congresses standardized areas are available. Compile your presentation systems and book them with one click. The Clou? You can compile presentation systems, rent furnitures, marketing materials and printed matters into sets. Because of the real-time availability display you can see, if the set is available.

In myWWM you define critical elements like your graphics or presentation systems. Consistent parts like marketing materials or printed matters are changeable in the column without adventure the event.

You can book, although there are only 90 pens available instead of 100 pens. MyWWM marks these article while the order process and indicate in which article a need for action excist. So you bound reliable through the processes.

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