Big data instead of coffee projection
your live marketing numerical

With myWWM
you always answer to everything

Numeracy, data and facts..., what fascinate us and makes our processes better and better. Big data is the keyword in actual media. With myWWM you have the survey about value-added processes in your company. You experience in one click, if the ordered volume of brochures was planned right in last year.

Article usage

Stay informed about the usage of your article. We constant inform you by e-mail or you call up the report with one click in myWWM. You get the insight on the number of ordered article and you can see, whereto they delivered.

Marketing materials are off?

Let inform you, which article fall below the definited inventory to reorder just in time. MyWWM capture the inventory and also consider the future orders.

What you always want to know

Put WWM to the test and define your own report to get these information, which help you everyday. Which article are the best? Which brochure is most exciting for your customer? We find it out!

More than 10.000 myWWM user makes us smarter

We work with different branches and requirements, so our experts always get new challenges and programme new reports. To analyse data in new forms to create more transparency, is our impulse. Challenge us!

What you want to know about your live-marketing?

We find it out for you!
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