Relaxed project management

With myWWM
you manage everything

Planning, coordination and organizing

Let´s suppose, that you need for the organizing of your exhibit stand in the size of 100m² overall 10 days. Come up the calculation, that you need for 10m² one day? No, is doesn't. Because of the expenditure for the coordination of personal, materials and the stand doesn't take off with the size.

With myWWM your project management, specially for small events, goes easy. The software gives you the survey about available presentation systems and marketing materials. Besides it shows you, where these goes after order.

With myWWM you gain time on search of articles or the organization of the delivery. We take your trouble and storage your article professional, to deliver them on time and in optimal packaged.

You want to coordinate you projects carefree?

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  • central control of all events
  • current survey of all projects
  • reduced process costs

Own projects and current dispatching

Get your exhibit stand to place in time? Arrived the marketing materials in the office? Questions like this you know as project manager.

We know this and appointed our software with a project management module, which allows you to follow each order and dispatching in real-time. From marketing material to event sets - You get the survey with one click.

With the button "current dispatching" and "current events" in the dashboard of myWWM you review current orders, follow their status and check project information like bill and delivery addresses. So your always up-to-date.


MyWWM backed you at complex processes in live marketing and indicate them in easy workflows. So you can execute the planning of your events clearly faster.

On the dashboard you find three separated workflows to order article and book events and hospitality. So you can operate your orders easy.

Master data

In the master data you get a fast survey about available article in live communication. Here the data are subdivided in follow groups: Event equipment, marketing materials, hospitality and rent material.

The groups event equipment and marketing materials comprise the existing materials of your company.

The groups hospitality and rent material shows hospitality options and rent components which can booked in the system. In the dashboard you find the view with the particular number of article.

Quality management

We are curious to you feedback. All article arrived in time and are alright? Get you exhibit stand built on and up correct? Your satisfaction is our gain. Let us know!

To the electronic assessment you find in the dashboard of myWWM a button "to assess projects". Here you can assess each project. We would be the best, so we give you our satisfaction guarantee.

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