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Order and manage marketing materials in myWWM

In most companies a lot of different marketing materials is needed for different events. To keep the survey about your inventory and the particular demands, and to deliver all article in time and in adequacy, often is a logical challenge.

With myWWM these troubles are past. We storage your marketing materials, product muster and catalogues in our service hub in Alsdorf. Your inventory you can follow in real time and analyse in myWWM. If you need materials for an event, you find the function "choose marketing materials with one click and add them to your order".

Our logistic experts deliver the requested marketing materials in time and to the place of event.

Modern handling of marketing materials with myWWM

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  • Fast survey of inventory
  • Inventory in real time
  • packaging and delivery service

Easy order transaction

In the process step "Choose article" in myWWM you have the access to all marketing materials and printed matters of your company. In the clearly categories tree on the left side you can choose out of different article types, like clothing or pens. Frequently ordered article can be deposited in the favourites.

The needed article with quantity you infix into your shopping basket. Besides you can order marketing materials in the "order workflow" in the menu bar of the software.


Marketing materials in a fast survey

In myWWM you can see detailed information about each article. You can select them with a click on the particular article card. Here you get detailed descriptions, the weight and documents with additional information. Print matters you can call up digital, if they are deposited as a PDF data. Also you can deposit and call up  print data for each print matter

The availability of each article you always can check at each place. For example: your field worker can grant some information about the marketing materials inventory at the customers appointment and also order directly from each end device. This is modern customer service in real time.

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