Add hospitality options per mouse click

Accelerate simple with myWWM

Choose your hospitality options in myWWM

The hospitality for guest is connected with an organization expenditure. With myWWM this expenditure gets minimize. You have the possibility to book hospitality in addition with one click for each event.

This practical feature safe time and also transaction costs. You don´t have to take care for errands and also don´t order more provider. The whole planning conduct in myWWM

You want to take the hospitality for you guest easy?

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  • Easy management of hospitality options
  • Hospitality service with mouse click
  • considerably hospitality equipment

Easy workflow

With myWWM the execution of the selection of the hospitality options is easy. In the process step" Choose the hospitality" you get the access to a number of categories like coffee, candies, fittings and drinks. Also coffee sets are available. These sets consists of coffee, coffee machines, paper cups, sugar and fittings.

The desired article you can take in the shopping basket and add them to your order. With the favourite feature your favourite article invoice quicly add to your shopping basket quickly.

The booking of hospitality is a central element, so you can direct get in in the booking process of hospitality and winding up your order easy.

Fast article report

In the WWMcloud included hospitality article are specified to article types in the left categories. In a recall with the smartphone you get a fast survey with the help of button.

For every article you can review informations like performance data, features and rent terms. Also the download of a clearly PDF with additional information about the product is possible. The availability and also the price are indicate in myWWM. So, the planning of the hospitality of your geusts is specially easy to coordinate.

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