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The WWM is over 35 years a reliable partner in the live-communication sector. Every year, we realise more than 2000 trade fairs and events. This couldn't be managed without perfect balanced, efficient processes.

With the myWWM software, we revolutionize the market. The intelligent combination from digital communication with solid service feature enable our customer perfect processes and ease the controlling and implementation of events. Together, we develop with you industry-sector-specific solutions and concepts, which are easy operate with myWWM. Learn more about our references in this sector.



The lead time for the planning of your event can reduced with clear and standardized process. So, short-term events can be organised and you can invest more time in other tasks.



Through the bundling of tasks at a central location, the costs and communication for coordination reduced. Moreover, the number of stakeholder, who are involved to the process, reduziert, too. With this, it is easier for you, to plan a high number of live-communication-arrangements.



With myWWM you get temporal and local and with regard to content more flexibility. Resources and benefits can adapt to the current demand without any problems. Your planned measures are fast and individual realisable.



With myWWM you keep the overview of all projects and missions. Every time, you can check from everywhere your current inventory, transact business or observe the transport status of articles.



You get the complete check on your budget. In myWWM you get access to a budget module and a reporting function. So, you get all cost clearly arranged and you can check your events for profitability.



With myWWM you don't have to order a variety of services, you can manage a high part of the services for your events from the WWM. Furthermore, you can get access to our free rent systems and profit from our attracitive transport conditions. This reduce your investment costs.



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The myWWM software is used from our customer for variegated tasks in the event management sector. Whether storage management, distribution service or controlling - WWM offers a unique, intelligent solution. Our customers of different branch are enthusiastic. Your processes and resources can control and administrate central now.



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