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ADVA Optical Networking
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Our collaterals had been stored in the cellar and could have been ordered via a web shop directly from our supplier. Whenever our Sales team needed something they ordered it or the material was shipped to one of many international events. There was so controlling or standardized process in place. Using myWWM makes it so much easier: The sales team is happy and we always have an overview of what we have on stock. It´s a great customer service in combination with a user-friendly software! 

Elisabeth Landgraf, Marketing Manager Programs EMEA, ADVA Optical Networking SE

The marketing team for EMEA and APAC organized much international events with the myWWM software solution and also using the installation and transport service. Backlighted exhibit stands are the eyecatcher on each event since the cooperation with WWM. Technical documents must be updated permanent, the print data administration provides an additional benefit for ADVA Optical Networking and treat with care the resources and the marketing budget.

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Once around the world, please 

An international expanded company with a strong sales team makes great demands on marketing logistic. Marketing materials, printing matters like datasheets or brochures, as soon as presentation systems must be up-to-date and delivered to the event in time. Acquisition and permanent innovations of the technology makes a flexible printing indispensable. To keep the survey and to plan the providing effective and sustainable, we developed with ADVA Optical Networking a accurately fitting solution.

Material usage and budgetary control

Where stay our marketing materials actually? The question we answer with thank of the business intelligence and the reporting feature of myWWM. Because of the introduction of internal reimbursement, its transparency which marketing materials get engaged on which place. The possibility which provide the budget module, treats with care the marketing budget, because the material input can be deducted with the right burden centre. Thusly we could determine, that the providing of printing matters can be improved. Large orders for data sheets is not worth for ADVA Optical Networking because of permanent changes.

Clear processes und flexibility 

An opposition? In no case. Structure order processes in the software makes it easy for your sales, to order the needed materials comfortable and to deliver them to the place of event. The moment of shock, if some marketing materials get out is past because of the real-time availability display in myWWM. A central storage location creates the survey, myWWM dissolute the web shop and makes it easy for the sales team to use the new process. Technologies are changing so fast, so that the print on Demand process for ADVA Optical Networking fits the bill, to be always up to date in print area. So, we dispose as little as possible of our material.

Services made to measure

The seamless mesh of services and features is possible, because ADVA Optical Networking is using besides to the central storage of marketing materials either rental systems from WWM over the world. Backlighted exhibit stands get realize international and get installed of our installation service. The safety, that always enough systems are in stock, lets AVDA Optical Networking shine.

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