OpenSky: Tent


OpenSky tents can easily be pulled out and set up at the desired location. The components are made of highly durable material that makes your tent a weather-proof and long-life solution. The basic OpenSky version offers a white roof graphic. A printed roof as well as additional side walls can be booked if wished. You can choose between four different types or combine the tents to meet your custom dimension requirements. 


You can have your custom images printed on the roof as well as the side walls of all tents of the OpenSky product line. The tent is made of robust, water-proof material.

Description Dimensions Weight Item no.
OpenSky Tent Typ A H 320 x B 230 x T 230 50 kg OSKY-2100
OpenSky Tent Typ B H 320 x B 300 x T 300 60 kg OSKY-2200
OpenSky Tent Typ C H 320 x B 450x T 300 70 kg OSKY-2300
OpenSky Tent Typ D H 320 x B 600 x T 300 88 OSKY-2400

Can be transported by car

B1 flammability rating

Takes fifteen minutes to set up

Made in Germany

Two-year warranty

System rent at no cost

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