Product line: Axxes 600

All Axxes 600 banners offer easy change of graphics. Replacing one graphic with another is uncomplicated and quick. And the wide aluminum frame base provides all the stability your banner needs. 

Axxes 600 comes in graphics qualities Basicline and Highline. As finishing, we can put spot varnish on your banner. In-house production, also for large formats, ensures quick availability and fast shipping. We only use environmentally friendly printing technology.

Description Dimensions Weight Item no.
Axxes 600 H210 x W 85 x D 11 8,5 kg AXXE-3600
Axxes 601 H230 x W 85 x D 11 10 kg AXXE-3601
Axxes 602 H210 x W 100 x D 11 9 kg AXXE-3602
Axxes 603 H230 x W 100 x D 11 10,5 kg AXXE-3603

B1 flammability rating

Can be transported by car

Takes only two minutes to set up

Made in Germany

Two-year warranty

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