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Trade show displays are the foundation of every trade show booth. You use your displays both to distinguish yourself from your booth neighbors at trade shows and exhibitions and to provide an apt environment for your company presentation. Within your booth walls, you align all other booth components with your brand image or product range. Of course, you can also configure our trade show displays to function as backwalls or press walls only.

Our displays meet varied requirements. Want a visible frame or make full-sized graphics the prominent feature? Then dive into the world of WWM trade show displays!

Take the perfect exhibit displays for your event!

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Our range of trade fair wall

Our trade fair walls are perfect for different needs. Depending on whether you decide for a visible profile or whether you want full-faced graphics in the foreground, your choice will drop on different product lines. You can combine our walls and use them as a coherent completed system. Of course, you can use our walls alone as a back wall or press wall. We surprise you with our different possibilities.

At WWM you don't get only trade fair walls - she profits from our extensive services. With the aid of myWWM solution, your event planning become as easy as never before.



Layout service

You need a design for your trade fair graphic or you search for a layout for your press or sponsoring wall? Then commission our layout service or our professional graphic artists for your printing data.



Service for construction and reduction

You don't have to worry about your construction and reduction of your trade fair walls with our montage service. Allocate the montage to our qualified professionals - this go easy to your exhibition systems and your employees can only focus on their competences.



Distribution service

We provide your trade fair walls just-in-time to every location. In the myWWM portal, you can choose easy the favourite distribution option.



City Mobile Venezia S

The straight version of Venezia displays is a perfect match for field operations at trade shows and events or for use as press walls.

City Mobile Venezia C

The bent variant of Venezia displays offers the typical aluminum frame of the CityMobile line.

VLB40 Elements

VLB40 displays are available in different sizes and combinations – for a comfortable customization experience.

VLB 120 Elements

You can backlight VLB120 displays by using LED modules.

Rotex Wall

Rotex Wall components can be configured to create displays of any height and width.

Exponative Elements

Displays of the Exponative product line are made entirely of honeycomb cardboard and guarantee ecological presentations.

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