Product line: Rotex Wall

A Rotex Wall will always give you added flexibility when choosing the height and width of your trade show display. Its aluminum frames come in different sizes, which can be combined without effort. In this way, you can always configure your trade show display to match available booth space. Even transport can become extremely efficient, as the built-in hinges make packing and storing your display in the carry bag a safe and easy task.


The Rotex Wall typically comes with PVC panel graphics. You can choose to print your custom images in Basicline or Highline quality. We also offer acrylic glass as a special option. Here, Lightline quality will give you extreme scratch resistance and brilliant effects when backlighting your display.

Description Dimensions Weight Item no.
Rotex S4 H 207 x W 147 x D 2 11,5 kg ROTEX-3400
Rotex S6 H 207 x W 220 x D 2 17,5 kg ROTEX-3600
Rotex S8 H 207 x W 294 x D 2 23,5 kg ROTEX-3800

Van recommended

B1 flammability rating

Takes only 15 minutes to set up

Made in Germany

Two-year warranty

System rent at no cost

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In-house graphics production

Did you know that we produce all our graphics, including large formats, in-house? This means quick response times for our customers when producing or reproducing trade show graphics. We place great value on using eco-friendly printing technology and sustainable resources.

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