Product line: VLB120 Elements

VLB120 Elements are part of the VLB120 system kit, which you can use to put together complete portable exhibits. In contrast to the VLB40 product line, VLB1s0 Elements have greater frame depth. The 120mm-thick aluminium frames can be stabilized through a floor tile or they can be screwed directly onto the floor. You can also mount LED modules into the frame to backlight your graphics: no need to install additional lighting.


Choose fabric graphics for VLB120 Elements to gain significant transport & weight benefits. The graphics receive a welt to reinforce the edges of the fabric. It will be inserted directly into the frame, providing the graphics with enough tension to do away with wrinkles. Alternatively, you can use PVC panels that we offer in Basicline and Highline print quality.

Description Dimensions Weight Item no.
VLB120 Elements Frame 200/87 H200 x W 87 x D 13 40 kg VLB1-3002
VLB120 Elements Frame 200/100 H200 x W 100 x D 13 43 kg VLB1-3003
VLB120 Elements Frame 250/87 H250 x W 87 x D 13 45 kg VLB1-3000
VLB120 Elements Frame 250/100 H250 x W 100 x D 13 48 kg VLB1-3001

Van recommended

B1 flammability rating

Takes only 15 minutes to set up

Made in Germany

Two-year warranty

System rent at no cost

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In-house graphics production

Did you know that we produce all our graphics, including large formats, in-house? This means quick response times for our customers when producing or reproducing trade show graphics. We place great value on using eco-friendly printing technology and sustainable resources.

Outsource system storage

You can store your systems comfortably in our WWM Logistics Center. There, our trained personnel will take care of putting away, cleaning, and maintaining your presentation solutions. As soon as you are planning to use one of your systems, we will ship the equipment to the event location. Logistics can be controlled online through the myWWM application at any time.

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