Product line: VLVB40 Elements

VLB40 Elements are part of system kit VLB40, which you can use to put together complete portable exhibits. The thin aluminum frame for mounting your graphics has a depth of 40mm only. Floor tiles can give VLB40 Elements the stability they need to become stand-alone trade show displays. With VLB40 Elements, you can present continuous, large-size graphics.

Product line VLB40 works best with fabric graphics that are mounted onto the frames through welt use. The MicroLuxx material will be stretched and leave no visible wrinkles. If wished, we can also equip your trade show wall with PVC panels. They come in Basicline or Highline quality and will show custom images.

Description Dimensions Weight Item no.
VLB40 Elements Frame 248/95 H248 x W 95 x D 4 6,5 kg VLB40-3010
VLB40 Elements Frame 248/99 H248 x W 99 x D 4 6,6 kg VLB40-3011
VLB40 Elements Frame 248/195 H248 x W 195 x D 4 8,4 kg VLB40-3020
VLB40 Elements Frame 248/199 H248 x W 199 x D 4 8,5 kg VLB40-3021
VLB40 Elements Frame 248/295 H248 x W 295 x D 4 10,5 kg VLB40-3030
VLB40 Elements Frame 248/299 H248 x W 299 x D 4 10,6 kg VLB40-3031

Van recommended

B1 flammability rating

Takes only 15 minutes to set up

Made in Germany

Two-year warranty

System rent at no cost

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Exhibition insurance

Our exhibition insurance will provide the coverage you need for your portable presentation solutions. We will quickly repair or replace materials damaged during transport or use. We can also guarantee the reproduction of graphics within 48 hours.

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