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Consulting: Our experience for your success

In this day and age, live communication has to rise to special challenges. Hardly other marketing discipline need such coordination - with delivery men or many trade heading. Concurrent, customer needs get complex and more individual. As planner of an event, you often confronted with a difficult task.

We from WWM, accept the challenge of modern live-communication and work out a new solution statements with the innovative myWWM software. For this we use the possibility and potential of digital media and web based technology.

Intensive customer contact with small and large companies, has trained us over the years and make our customer consultant and project manager to experts for processes and specifics of different branches and company sizes.

Through this, we get the right grasp for the needs of our customer and could match our solution perfect with their needs. For the best possible output, we combine digital communication with personal consultancy in a profitable way. In the following, you get a small insight in our communication efforts.



Do you want to benefit from our experience, too?

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What are your target, what you make a special point of and how are you general positioned? We don't want to leave you alone with a software solution, but emphasize a close arrangement and contact with each other. We like to open our doors in our Design & Production Centre in Monschau or like to show you our processes in our modern Service Hub in Alsorf.

In a first meeting, your questions and answers give us many informative bases for continued project planning. We like to explain you the advantages and the handling of our myWWM software unhurriedly and personal in a nice atmosphere.



We determine your event or congress plans in a concept and definite the needed services und resources from us. You get a transparent overview of our efforts and get the planning criteria for your events.

Which module do you need from myWWM? Do you want to use rent systems for free? Can we take the construction and reduction for you? Together, we definite these and more questions and install the software to suit your individual needs.



We don't let you alone with the project start. Our project manager support you with the utilisation of the myWWM software solution and accompany you, if desired, step by step. We like to create your first event with you.

Quick, you will learn to appreciate the advantages of this event planning. You can lower the planning time for an event and the costs for your live-communication measures.



...and with this our work is finish? Of course we support you in the ongoing collaboration and want to stay in contact. We work on the improvement and expansion from myWWM and want to involved your experiences and needs in our developing process.

Flexibility and short decision ways let us space, to be responsive to your individual needs. You find your personal contact person direct on the home page in myWWM.

Besides the opportunity to evaluate each project individually, we like to take your feedback any time and use the common annual appraisal for improvement and future planning.



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