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Event marketing offers numerous options nowadays: Want to present your company successfully at trade shows or send marketing materials to end customers or to your field agents? Planning a customer event or want to store your product catalogs and other literature at a central location? Learn more about our marketing logistics services: We have a broad range of outsourcing options for an efficient management of your entire event marketing.

Your equipment stock central in our storage. You have an eye for your resources with the aid of the eventlogistic-software myWWM. Intelligent marketing logistic can be really easy: with a few clicks we pack your material professional and send it to the destination. We take care of all relevant aspects, like the correct packing, the safety and punctual distribution and the storage of the new materials. We take chunk of your work - our marketing logistic minimize massive your working costs and extend at once your possibilities.

Let us help you with chunk of your work: we plan and realise your distribution logistic. You have, thank of myWWM, always the subversion.



What's marketing logistic?

"Marketing logistc" identify the optimised logistic process for your live communication. In the desired quantity and delivery time your material gets transported to the destination – fast and reliable because of our transport service.

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Stock keeping

Our marketing logistic contains the accurate materials administration of your equipment. This include the optimal storage and logistic control. You always have the opportunity, to review your inventory online and in real time. With the right management, inventory control is a child's play.

Outbound logistics

Another advantage of our marketing logistic is our complete logistic system, which includes the transport and distribution service. Your goods arrive punctual at the destination - whether to a customer or your trade event. The choice of the optimal and accurate package is a matter of course and obligatory, like the supply reliability and the accurate distribution.

Mario Tranziska

Mario TranziskaHead of competence centre marketing logistics

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Engin Özdemir

Engin ÖzdemirProject manager marketing logistic

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Adil Tahoum

Adil TahoumProject manager marketing logistic

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Vanessa Ittermann

Vanessa IttermannProject manager marketing logistic

+49(0)2472 9910 - 13 vanessa.ittermann@wwm.de
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