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Efficient event management is indispensable for the earning power and success on your events. MyWWM provide a new solution for exigent tasks. In the WWMcloud you find all services and products for a professional live-marketing. For WWM customers this exhibit equipment is online available and partial free for rent. The innovative software enables the access to resources from WWM and your live-marketing can be controlled mobile.

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Executives are confronted with numerously complexes challenges. The expectations in live-communication are high so the ideal concept is individual for each event. Although the number of events is growing. Processes must create as soon an efficient as possible at once. For a smoothly process the communication with providers and intern departments must be perfectly coordinated.

WWM gets the challenge of modern event management. Our innovative WWMcloud solution allowed to optimize processes in event management.The software includes all resources, tasks and provider to speed up the processes. Workflows were automatic to boost the efficiency and new forms of flexibility are possible. Every stakeholder gets the chance to control the overall process everywhere. Different persons can get variable user admins.

WWMcloud in 90 seconds

What is WWMcloud? I believe it is the answer to the challenges of today’s event management. WWMcloud allows us to create a kind of microcosm for your business’s event marketing activities. You can sign into the cloud to use our services and products, but you can also incorporate your own resources into our solution. You decide for which marketing measures you want to employ WWMcloud – we make almost anything possible.

Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz, CEO WWM

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How to manage events with WWMcloud

Rent exhibits

WWMcloud offers you added flexibility: Why purchase exhibits and presentation solutions for your event if you can simply rent equipment through WWMcloud? The biggest advantage: Almost all systems are available at no cost to you.

Centralize equipment storage

Your WWMcloud resources will be managed in our logistics center. Here, we store, repair, and maintain your marketing materials and equipment, from customer brochures to entire exhibits. Leave inventory management and equipment provision to us – and you will have more time for new, exciting projects!

Request resources online

All WWMcloud customers can use the myWWM application to gain access to resources at any time of the day. Should you require presentation solutions, exhibits, or marketing materials, you can just order them online: The software application will let you choose among more than 1,000 options to deliver and pick up your order. Our partners in logistics services have made that feat possible.

Keep employees up to date

WWMcloud can be used for event marketing across all company departments. You will specify available resources and, of course, who is allowed access to them. Your field service should only be able to buy marketing materials, but the marketing department should also be allowed to order trade show systems? It is your cloud environment – you make the rules.

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