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With our Marketing-Ressource-Shop (MRS) external users get an access to your enabled products like documents or marketing materials and can order them as guest or registered user.You can provide two systems but also have one database in background. The one official for external users and the second for your your internal users. The management is made central with the urface of myWWM.

Also the convenient branding of the system is possible. The MRS goes under a own domain with your corporate design and can integrated into a exist website. With the MRS management you have a survey about all users and orders. You get contact details of the orderer so you can nurture your lead database.

You have a high number of publications and different themes? With article features and variations you can ease and optimize the filter and selection possibilities for your users. With minimum expenditure of time and minimal capital expenditures you can generate leads to new customer groups or you can selling the products directly.

You don´t have to give a thought about the storage of your documents. We storage your products in our modern store and deliver them reliable to your customers and interested persons. The settlement of thr fullfilment service is absolutely transparency. Delivery cocts and articles with costs get deducted transpareny with your name. With the integration of myWWM BI (Business Intelligence) you get extensive analytics and reporting possibilities.

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  • Seamless integration of your CI
  • Transparency bill
  • Central management

A user-friendly shop system

The shop system behind the MRS, works like other famous online shops. As guest you get direct to the shop system, put your desired articles to the shopping cart and order them easily.

As option you users can log in in the system, to capture orders in future easy or to get an access to historic data from former orders. With the introduction of the MRS-system the new article feature- UI is introduced too. Article features enable a dynamic search with a filter. This is why the management of the article is easy for you and your customers.


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