Conferences, not trade shows:
Meet the needs of your target group

Showcase your brand
at conferences

Smart support for your sales

Every time on way but also up to date? myWWM makes it easy to provide professional customer service. Your sales can order marketing materials, printed matters and spares on each multimedia terminal.

Do you want to exhibit at conferences?

We will be happy to advise you on planning and realizing conference exhibits. Just give us a call: +49 (0)2472 9910 80
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Salessupport in the digital world

Always online - this is the feeling of the todays business community.  Live-marketing and customer service have to go with. Information change fast and your field worker want to have updates just in time. With MyWWM you hold your information up to date so your sales just can look up.

To supervise the customers, you can call up with myWWM all important datas. You work hand in hand with the marketing. So you can order materials fast and easy and get deliver them to your event. Only with a few mouse clicks.

Sales at congresses and small events

Events like congresses or in-house exhibitions usually visited by sales. His function is to socialising customers contacts, but also to assemble the mobile presentation. It could happen that your day of arrival change to an earlier day or the means of transport have to change. For example, to transport the mobile system you must choose the car, otherwise you have taken the plane. With myWWM this problem is past.

Our tip: Configure sets in myWWM, which can book by the sales. Our experts care for a professional installation service. So your sales had only one mission: you customers.

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