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Corporate Metaverse for CARAT


Corporate Metaverse




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Corporate Metaverse

With the Corporate Metaverse, CARAT creates an interactive 360° experience that literally puts visitors in the middle of the action. Thanks to 360° images, the Pano world gives the impression of a 3D experience, whereby the loading time is hardly noticeable. The user is constantly in the center of the scene in CARAT's Corporate Metaverse. From there, he can move to other points in the environment or operate interaction points.


Corporate Metaverse destination

The goal of the own 360°virtual world is the implementation of a virtual product presentation, independent of annual real events, such as CARAT's trade fair appearances. The premises of Gut Böckel, where CARAT has already held very successful physical events, were used as the basis for the pano world.

The venue is an old manor house, which is to be presented in the digital world in a 360° tour. The challenge was to transfer the charm of the estate into the virtual world. This was solved in particular by the high-resolution design in half-timbered style and the warm light. With the Corporate Metaverse an exchange with customers and prospects will be possible all year round despite distance. Digital lead generation is ensured by contact forms for the various subject areas. Interested parties can also book an appointment with a CARAT sales representative via a tool.

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Corporate Metaverse concept 

In the virtual world tour, CARAT's various services are presented in individual, clearly arranged information areas so that visitors can easily find their way around and obtain information about products they are interested in without having to do a lot of searching. In addition, the visitor can make direct contact with a sales representative.

In the individual information areas, CARAT's software solutions are presented on monitors with the help of moving images, so that an interaction option becomes clear and encourages the visitor to take action. In order to present CARAT's entire portfolio, the premises of the estate were digitally enlarged, which represents a considerable advantage over the physical venue.

The eye-catcher of the Corporate Metaverse is the central exhibition table, on which further CARAT products are presented. In addition, a CARAT image film is played on a virtual screen in the entrance area to give visitors an insight into how the CARAT team works. This video can be seen from all points of view in the room and runs independently in the background to attract the visitor's interest.



With the Corporate Metaverse, CARAT has the opportunity to inform interested parties about their product portfolio and interact with visitors all year round. The 1:1 representation of the physical venue in the digital world allows the space to be tailored to the customer's wishes in order to be able to guarantee an optimal product presentation. The combination of the old half-timbered design and the innovative stations also makes for a real eye-catcher!

Overall, the exceptionally pleasant and effective cooperation with CARAT ensured that an optimal result was achieved. CARAT's attention to detail is reflected in thevirtual world of Gut Böckel and invites visitors to linger.

Developing our virtual showroom together with WWM was a completely new and exciting experience. The traditional ambience - paired with the digital touchpoints - has not only excited customers and interested parties but also our employees. The virtual showroom offers the added value of being able to find out about CARAT innovations 24/7. We thank WWM for the professional implementation and the good, constructive cooperation.
Claudia Schultheis
Marketing Manager, CARAT

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