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Virtual training event from Cornelsen


FOBI Festival Nord





FOBI Festival North 2021

For the first time, Cornelsen organized a virtual training event via its own virtual event platform. The one-day event on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021, consisted of 28 live webinars, with more than 2,000 participants from across Germany registering to attend. The event, which was themed "A big thank you to all teachers", included a mix of discussions, training and edutainment (education & entertainment) around the topic of digital school. Well-known teachers such as Silke Müller, Nina Toller and many other colleagues appeared as guests at the event to share their experiences.

The participants received a registration confirmation by mail and a summary about which webinars he/she had registered for. A reminder email the day before the event once again informed the visitor about the timing of the event.


28 Live lectures as the heart of the virtual event

Opening lecture

The event kicked off with a live opening presentation by Nina Toller, teacher and digitalization coordinator. In her talk, which was watched by over 1,000 teachers, the teacher and faculty trainer talked about the MacGyver principle of school and how to apply the skills of the '80s series hero when promoting digitization in schools. Humor was not neglected in this lecture!

Furthermore, a greeting from Dorothee Bär, Minister of State of the Federal Government for Digital Affairs, was included, which was also available on demand in the media library after the event.


Lectures, readings, discussions, webinars

A total of 28 live webinars, some of which ran in parallel, formed the core of this virtual event. Via a timetable, the visitor had the opportunity to get an overview of the lecture topics and their speakers. This part of the training event comprised 3 time slots with 9 webinars each. For each live webinar, visitors were able to interact in a chat and ask the speaker questions. The webinars were integrated into the respective page, so that no further registration to the webinar tool was necessary and the platform did not have to be left. This ensured ease of use for visitors and made navigation within the event pleasant.

After attending a webinar, the visitor could retrieve a certificate of attendance, which was available as a download. Additional videos for viewing as well as content summaries of the webinars were integrated in a media library.

The final discussion round was on the topic of "Digital school very much liked - but what else is needed for it?". To this end, 8 speakers, including a member of Cornelsen's management, discussed the topic in the live circuit. Throughout the discussion round, visitors were able to send questions to the speakers.



Sending a goodie bag

In addition to the knowledge gained, each visitor received a goodie bag in advance by mail. This allowed Cornelsen to give this day its own memento and also reach the visitors on a non-digital level. 

Goodie Bag

Virtual exhibition


Virtuelle Ausstellung von Cornelsen


During the breaks, visitors to the event had the opportunity to visit a virtual Cornelsen exhibition. In 3D shelves, 200 products for the school types elementary school, middle school, high school as well as adult education were presented, which led via link to the online store of Cornelsen. 

Of course, it was also possible to directly contact the appropriate person for each shelf.
Whether via team call, e-mail or direct chat, the Cornelsen school consultant team was available live.


Support during the live event

The integration of a help page in the navigation provided answers to general questions for visitors and speakers. During the entire live event, WWM also provided a support team that visitors and speakers could contact at any time. 



Cornelsen's virtual event was very well received by the participating teachers and lecturers. In addition to the 28 live webinars, the broad portfolio of learning and teaching materials was attractively presented in a virtual exhibition. With its own virtual platform, Cornelsen is able to organize further extensive training events and online events. Following the success of the FOBI Festival North 2021, planning is already underway for the next virtual events, which can draw on shared resources through the existing platform.

With WWM, we not only introduced a high-performance software solution for digital events at Cornelsen, but also gained an extremely competent and passionate partner. From planning to the last detail in implementation, Carina Lenzen's team was always at our side as a creative and service-oriented sparring partner. This is also reflected in the positive feedback we received from the large number of teachers, lecturers and trainee teachers we reached with the FOBI Festival North. We had simply not expected this overwhelming amount of positive feedback in advance. Digital events will be indispensable for us in the future and we look forward to the upcoming joint projects with the WWM.
Bastian Otto
Head of Brand Communication and Events , Cornelsen Verlag GmbH


Founded in Berlin, Cornelsen is a German textbook publisher offering educational media in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Cornelsen specializes in the development of textbooks and also offers learning and teaching materials in various types of media.