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Virtual exhibition stand of PAPSTAR GmbH


Online Intergastra & Internoga





Virtual exhibition stand

PAPSTAR GmbH successfully participated in the online Intergastra with its first virtual trade fair stand. The basis of the virtual trade fair stand is a rendering of the physical trade fair stand of PAPSTAR at Intergastra 2019 in order to create a recognition value with the virtual trade fair stand. The virtual booth is composed of a main view and two detail views. By clicking on the animated magnifying glasses, the visitor is taken from the main view to two detailed views in which individual parts of the product portfolio are in focus. Click here to go to the virtual booth of PAPSTAR GmbH.


Long-term use of the virtual trade fair stand

In order to ensure a longer-term use of the virtual trade fair stand even after the Online Intergastra, the stand was also placed on PAPSTAR's website to inform customers about the product portfolio. In addition, the virtual trade fair stand can be edited by PAPSTAR itself. Following software training by WWM, PAPSTAR employees will be able to edit and exchange the integrated info points independently in the future. In this way, the information on the trade fair stand can be kept up to date in the future.


Special features of the virtual trade fair stand

The special feature of this virtual trade show booth is the combination of 3D renderings and real photos. This cost-effective version allows the presentation of many products and creates a reference to the physical trade fair appearance of PAPSTAR. 

The info points at the virtual trade show booth are also displayed individually depending on the integrated content: While embedded videos are played via a play button in a pop-up window, product brochures as well as contact forms are displayed via a large "I" icon. An animated magnifying glass takes visitors to additional virtual rooms where they can learn more about the products. For optimal usability and short loading times, the views were realized with VirtualShow 2D.



PAPSTAR GmbH's virtual trade fair stand gives visitors a realistic trade fair experience in the virtual world with the help of original product photos. The booth was designed to be highly user-friendly and to have fast loading times. For the feel-good factor of the visitors, the familiar design of the real booth was used.

By transferring the design of the physical booth into the virtual world, a "digital twin" of the booth was created without further ado. The combination of renderings and original photos further enhanced the hybrid character of the booth. The physical booth was designed and built for INTERGASTRA by WWM's RocketExpo business unit. 

For PAPSTAR it was the first digital trade show appearance, but we were surprised how easy and fast the project was to implement with the help of WWM. A follow-up project is already being planned.
Katja Kantelberg
Catharina Katja Kantelberg
Teamlead E-Commerce, PAPSTAR GmbH


The PAPSTAR range comprises over 5,000 consumables from around 200 productions in the categories of disposable tableware/service packaging, tableware, and household & hygiene. In addition to the consistent use of renewable raw materials, the company is also increasingly dedicated to sustainable solutions in line with the cradle-to-cradle principle (recycling, composting). Europe-wide logistics and service concepts ensure the permanent supply availability of the entire product range.