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Corporate Metaverse for Kuraray Europe GmbH

Trade show

Digital accompaniment
to the K trade fair


Kuraray Europe GmbH


Specialty Chemicals

Virtual showroom in the corporate metaverse for the K trade fair

Kuraray Europe's physical trade fair presence at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf was accompanied by a virtual product world for the first time this year. In a 360° panorama showroom, visitors to the trade fair can view all information digitally. In addition, the showroom offers the possibility to extend the physical trade fair presence beyond the period of the K trade fair in order to generate a higher number of visitors and to inspire further interested parties with the product range. Click here for the Kuraray virtual showroom!

Set up of the virtual showroom

The visitor of the virtual showroom starts with the exterior view of a building. Clicking on the building takes the visitor to the entrance hall, where some content elements and a welcome video by Managing Director Dr. Matthias Gutweiler are already waiting for the visitor.


At this point, the virtual showroom is divided into two main areas: "Sustainability" and "Innovation Networking Center (INC)". While the thematic area "Sustainability" can be explored outside the showroom, the "Innovation Networking Center" is located inside the building. This section is additionally divided into the following focus segments and presented in one room each: 

  • Sports & Outdoors (S&O) 

  • Life & Personal Care (L&PC) 

  • Paper & Packaging (P&P) 

  • Automotive 

Brochures, video content and PDFs on these topics can be viewed and downloaded by visitors.

Operation & control

The controls for visitors to the virtual showroom are very intuitive. When the virtual world is called up, a small guide appears explaining how it works. By clicking on the pulsating waypoints, the user can jump from point to point and move around the showroom.

Clicking on the interaction points opens the content behind them. In addition, visitors to the virtual showroom can always turn around their own axis to explore the entire room. A navigation bar can also be used to switch background sounds on and off, activate full-screen mode, display the floor plan of the show and the control aid. 


Graphical features of the Kuraray virtual world

The "Sustainability" area is presented on an outdoor terrace and green area. The presentation of the planting and furnishings is based on the Japanese style in order to create a link to the company's origins in Japan. Cherry blossoms protrude over a garden pavilion and round off the rock garden with koi pond in terms of design.

The focus segments in the "Innovation Networking Center" were visualised by various objects through which the visitor can access the segment rooms. This simplifies orientation in the virtual showroom. For a recognition value, these objects are graphically picked up again in the rooms. 


We have met these challenges

The individual thematic areas were to be equipped with many different contents. The placement of these content elements therefore had to be clever so that the showroom does not appear cluttered and the user retains an overview. We succeeded in this with the construction of the interior and exterior areas as well as the creation of the individual theme rooms. For the visualisation of the focus segments, we opted for the form of symbolic object representations (e.g. car for the automotive focus segment) in order to create an orientation aid for the user.

Personal thoughts on the project

The creation of Kuraray's virtual presence was a great pleasure for both our project management and the designers who worked on the project. This is also due to the very pleasant cooperation with Ms. Vosen. Together we have always been able to find target-oriented solutions for the implementation and thus create the best possible virtual showroom for Kuraray Europe. 

The project work for our first virtual showroom with WWM was fantastic. It was amazing to see in what a short time the WWM team, in such a creative way, created this virtual space. Communication was super easy and straightforward, plus all our requirements were implemented flexibly and quickly. We are looking forward to future projects with WWM!
Franziska Vosen
Franziska Vosen
Kuraray Europe GmbH, Specialist Internal Communications & Events

Kuraray Logo

Kuraray Europe GmbH was founded in 1991. It has its headquarters in Hattersheim near Frankfurt am Main and generated annual sales of 1.1 billion euros in 2021. Nationwide, more than 820 employees work for Kuraray at the Hattersheim, Frankfurt and Troisdorf sites. Kuraray is a global specialty chemicals company and is one of the largest suppliers of polymers and synthetic microfibres for many industries, such as Kuraray Poval™, Mowital®, Trosifol® or Clearfil™. In addition, there are another 215 employees at six European locations who also take care of the development and application of innovative high-performance materials for numerous industries such as the automotive, paper, glass and packaging industries as well as for architects or dentists.

 Kuraray Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese listed Kuraray Group with headquarters in Tokyo, more than 11,200 employees worldwide and a turnover of 4.8 billion euros.