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Digital trade fair presence for VanEck







Digital exhibition stand for trade fair films with long distance effect

VanEck exhibition stand is basically composed of the award-winning LED exhibition wall system. With a stand height of 3.5 meters, the VanEck exhibition stand stands out from the competition in terms of height and achieves a first-class long-distance effect. The slim aluminum frames for rental allow a large and seamless graphic area for individual trade show and brand messages. The trade show video, an image film by the VanEck company, is skillfully integrated into the design of the trade show wall. Thanks to the modular design of the trade fair system, any trade fair concept can be realized professionally, with invisible transitions from graphics to LED modules. The ideal basis of VanEck's individual trade fair presentations.


Trade fair stand, logistics and service efficiently planned and digitally booked

The trade fair frame system is available to VanEck for brand presentation. This reduces the marketing budget for events. Just like the planning time, because the exhibition stand equipment, such as various exhibition furniture for rent, the own trade fair equipment, trade fair visitor hospitality and also advertising material, can be ordered in myWWM, online. The most cost-effective trade fair logistics and the construction and dismantling of the trade fair stand was carried out by professional and experienced trade fair fitters from WWM, who demonstrate the ease of operation on site. The executing trade fair service VanEck has booked in the intelligent event management software during the planning directly online.


Exhibition walls that inspire simply and sustainably

Whether product presentation, trade show presentation, image film or trade show novelty video - digital trade show booths show more than printed graphics and ensure attention with long-distance effect. The video files are simply uploaded online to myWWM and automatically played out from there on the trade fair wall. A controller on site plays the trade fair video automatically and guarantees reliable playout, thanks to an integrated backup. If desired, the trade fair wall can also be booked with a sound system to ensure maximum attention at the trade fair stand.

This new technology for trade fair booths is environmentally friendly, as no new graphics have to be printed, only a video or presentation is adapted. Resource-consciously, printing material such as inks, textile or plastic is saved. At the same time, your own trade show booths become as up-to-date and flexible as the presentation of new products and services at trade shows.

VanEck saves resources, time, budget and presents itself in an eye-catching, digital and future-oriented way.

The cooperation with WWM is excellent. Logistics and assembly are very professionally organized and can be managed very quickly and easily with myWWM. We have also implemented a new innovative trade fair stand with WWM, which is very successful. The employees are very professional, friendly and pro-active. We are looking forward to further joint projects.
Nibha Manandhar
Marketing, VanEck GmbH
VanEck is an investment management firm headquartered in New York. With intelligent and forward-looking strategies, VanEck brings success to its investors. Forward-looking and intelligent is also the brand appearance of VanEck in Copenhagen with the integration of an LED exhibition wall to present the image film to a wide audience.