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Virtual Showroom for PEM Motion GmbH

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PEM Motion GmbH




The design and concept of the virtual showroom

The design for a real showroom by PEM Motion served as a template for the virtual showroom. The virtual showroom was extended and enlarged by features, so that the showroom did not look 180m² like the original design, but much bigger.

The project

In 2020, PEM Motion moved to the former production facility of photovoltaic manufacturer Trina Solar. With this location, PEM is able to bring together its various subsidiaries and partners in a way that will enable it to develop an even more competitive mobility and development center for the future.

PEM Motion approached Rocketexpo with the goal of designing a showroom that would allow the diverse areas of this new center to be visually experienced and understood. The aim is to create a meeting place that includes spacious meeting rooms as well as smaller group work rooms.

The presentation of the range of services was to take place by means of real exhibitions of products in connection with visual documentation and multimedia features such as augmented reality or virtual reality.


Bernd Freiter

Head of RocketExpo Projektmanagement

+49 (0) 2472 9910 - 25

Virtual Showroom - The discovery tour

A virtual showroom as a stand-alone or extended version as well as a digital twin of a real showroom is virtually available on the net 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. Visitors can access relevant product information via infopoints. This permanent online availability significantly supports the sales opportunities in the online area. The integration of existing digital content (e.g. websites, videos, whitepapers etc) is very easy to implement. 

Enter virtual showroom


Equipment of the virtual showroom

Attractive launch-like seating in the entrance area with modern lighting and large-format wall graphics give visitors the feeling of being invited and welcome.

The product exhibition in variety and harmony with the multimedia features is positioned along the wall. This creates an impressive panoramic view in the centre of the room and the entire PEM Motion portfolio has an impact of its own.

virtual showroom pem

 Conclusion on the virtual showroom of PEM Motion

We had a lot of fun creating the virtual showroom with all its features. The virtual showroom is therefore a good addition to the real showroom. The visitor is drawn into the scene via the visualization of reality and the playful instinct of the human being is animated to deal with the products of PEM Motion in detail.

Challenging times require innovative solutions. To offer customers, interested parties and partners the opportunity to experience our solutions and projects live, we developed an innovative virtual showroom together with RocketExpo. The showroom closes the gap between digital and analogue presentation. We are convinced that our digital showroom offers our users a unique user experience. We are pleased to have a creative and solution-oriented partner at our side with RocketExpo. The professional project management and the flexibility to respond to our individual wishes characterize our cooperation.
Lea Klink
Marketing & Communication Managerin, PEM Motion GmbH
PEM Motion GmbH is an engineering service provider with customer-specific consulting and development solutions in the areas of instrualization of mobility products, battery, fuel cell and electric motor. In 2014 PEM Motion was founded as a spin-off of Prof. Achim Kampker from the RWTH Aachen University as a spin-off of the Chair of Production Technology for Electromobility Components (PEM) with some talented engineers. The driving idea was to make electric mobility sustainable and affordable. PEM Motion now has over 100 employees working in 8 offices on 3 continents for a wide range of automotive and mobility industries.