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Mobile exhibition stand

Discover our mobile exhibition booths for free rent or purchase.

Be cost-effective and flexible with a mobile exhibition stand or rather make an investment for the future? The answer to this question is certainly your frequency of trade show participation per year and your available trade show budget. But whatever you decide, with WWMcloud you are perfectly equipped for your successful trade show appearance.

If you rent a trade fair stand, you can reduce your trade fair costs and create more flexibility. Because even with a small trade fair budget, you will score points at every event individually and with different trade fair stands. As a WWM customer, you have online access to a wide range of free rental exhibition stand equipment at any time. Our systems offer you countless combination options and construction methods for your individual rental exhibition stand.

Exhibition display

Displays as trade fair companions with quick set-up and dismantling

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Exhibition display

Roll ups

Presentation systems simple in transport

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For the reception of your trade fair visitors

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Exhibition accessories

Only with the right accessories your booth will be complete

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Exhibition accessories

Exhibition furniture

Exhibition furniture for an atmosphere of well-being

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Exhibition furniture

Outdoor exhibition systems

Outdoor systems for events under the open sky

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Rent outdoor exhibition systems free of charge

Exhibition displays for use at trade fairs

Folding displays are a popular companion at trade shows and events. The stable aluminum scissor grid system of our folding displays allows for a tool-free and quick assembly and disassembly of your presentation walls and reduces the weight to a minimum. Your high-quality and always replaceable graphics are made by us in the printing and graphics service to guarantee the frequent use of your folding displays.

Invent Kinetic C-Series trade show displays


The Invent Kinetic C-Series has a slightly curved design. Thanks to the self-locking frame, you can assemble the trade show display in a few simple steps and without tools. The graphic tracks are attached with magnetic rails and are equipped with a protective strip for frequent reuse. The individual graphic panels are milled using precise CNC technology so that the panels fit together seamlessly to form a perfect overall image.

Graphic quality: Basicline or Highline


Model Dimensions in cm Weight
C32 H 240 x B 187 x T 36 3,2 Kg
C33 H 240 x B 249,5 x T 52,5 3,6 Kg
C34 H 240 x B 311,5 x T 80 4,0 Kg
C35 H 240 x B 373,5 x T 80 4,6 Kg
C36 H 240 x B 390 x T 146 5,2 Kg


Rent exhibition display

Invent Kinetic S-Series trade show displays

The Invent Kinetic S-Series is the straight version of our exhibition displays. The round end caps create a shapely finish on both sides of the display and provide a clean look. The graphic panels are attached with magnetic rails.

Graphic quality: Basicline or Highline

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
S31 H 240 x B 134 x T 35 3,2 Kg
S32 H 240 x B 212 x T 35 3,6 Kg
S33 H 240 x B 290 x T 35 4 Kg
S34 H 240 x B 368 x T 35 4,4 Kg

Rent exhibition display


Messedisplays der Invent backlit Serie

The Invent Revolution series combines a scissor grid system with textile graphics. The keder guide system makes it very easy to attach the textile graphics. At the same time, central connecting struts together with the keder rails provide a strong hold. The scissor grid system also provides support for the LED modules used to backlight the system. The use of the textile graphics makes the exhibition system particularly lightweight, and the textile graphics are easy to detach and clean.

Graphic quality: TexLine


Model Dimensions in cm Weight
R31 H 224 x B 77 x T 40 5 Kg
R32 H 224 x B 151 x T 40 7 Kg
R33 H 224 x B 225 x T 40 11 Kg
R34 H 224 x B 299 x T 40 14 Kg
R35 H 224 x B 372 x T 40 18 Kg

Faltdisplay mieten


Transportation in car

15 minutes setup time

Tool free assembly

Fire protection class B1

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Roll ups for your trade fair presentation

Our roll ups are the universal talents among mobile presentation systems. They transport your brand message, are uncomplicated to transport and particularly quick to set up and take down. You can use roll-ups as signposts or as a supplementary element on your trade fair stand.

Axxes 320 Series Roll-Ups

The roll ups from the Axxes 320 series are simple, high-quality and absolutely reliable presentation systems that are guaranteed to meet your standards. The roll ups convince with easy handling and a quick set-up mechanism. The stand provides optimal stability, and its rotatability allows it to adapt to different surfaces.  

Graphic quality: Basicline or Highline

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Axxes 320 H 210 x B 85 x T 11 4,5 Kg
Axxes 322 H 210 x B 100 x T 11 6,5 Kg

Axxes 320 Series roll up


Axxes 800 Series Roll-ups

The innovative design of the Axxes 800 series allows, by combining two systems, a double-sided display. The integrated logo bar offers space for your company logo or a slogan. The adjustable feet ensure that the roll-up has an optimal stand.

Graphic quality: Basicline or Highline

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Axxes 809 H 225 x B 88 x T 11 6 Kg
Axxes 810 H 225 x B 100 x T 11 6,5 Kg
Axxes 812 H 225 x B 120 x T 11 8 Kg
Axxes 815 H 225 x B 150 x T 11 12 Kg

Axxes 800 Series Roll-Up


Transportation in car

2 minutes setup time

High quality presentation

Fire protection class B1

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Rent exhibition counters free of charge

Trade fair counters are primarily used for the reception of for your exhibition catering. However, they also serve as a standing table for casual rounds of talks or as a speaker's desk. Depending on your needs, you can purchase or rent trade fair counters as part of the WWMcloud software solution. We provide you with a large selection of models from different product series free of charge.

Exhibition counter VLB40

The counter from the VLB40 product series offers a flexible alternative if you need a transportable exhibition counter. Textile graphics are clamped into the narrow and completely dismountable profile. The top panel can be locked and combined with a door on the back to create a lockable storage system. No tools are required to assemble the counter. 

Graphics quality: Flexible textile graphics made of MicroLuxx with a sewn-in welting system are provided for the VLB40 counter. This makes it easy to slide the graphics into the aluminum profiles.

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
VLB40 - 1 H 89 x B 50 x T 50 20 Kg
VLB 40 - 2 H 89 x B 99 x T 50  37 Kg
VLB 40 - 3 H 110 x B 50 x T 50 30 Kg
VLB 40 - 4 H 110 x B 99 x T 50 40 Kg

Rent exhibition counter


Invent Revolution Counter

The Revolution Counter combines a scissor grid system with textile graphics. With textile graphics in a piping guide system, this elegant counter is a perfect contact point or conversation island for your customers at the booth. The textile graphics together with the uncomplicated scissor grid system make the system very stable and universally applicable. The use of textile graphics, which can be easily detached and cleaned, makes the counter particularly light. The graphics can also be backlit using LED modules, creating a radiant design.

Graphic quality: We print your motifs on the textile MicroLuxx using the TexLine printing process. This is extremely wrinkle-resistant and enables a color-intensive and razor-sharp print image.

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Counter Revolution H 100 x  B100 x T 40 11 Kg


Rent trade fair counter


Rotex Counter C1

The Counter Rotex C1 has a foldable aluminum frame, which makes it possible to transport your trade fair counter in a handy bag. A high-quality multiplex board ensures a high load capacity of the trade fair counter, an optional base plate provides improved stability. You can choose from a variety of colors and wood finishes for the top plate. You can create additional storage space in the counter by attaching an intermediate shelf.

Graphic quality: Basicline, Lightline or Highline


Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Counter Rotex C1 H 89 x B 70 x T 45,5 9 Kg


Rent exhibition counter Rotex C1


Rotex Counter C6

The Counter Rotex C6 has an aluminum frame with hinges for easy folding of the exhibition counter. This makes it easy to set up and take down quickly without tools. The surrounding aluminum profiles also protect your graphics from dirt and damage. With the Counter Rotex C6, you have the option of integrating a base plate or installing an intermediate shelf made of plastic or multiplex. This gives you improved stability and maximum storage space, which can be optionally closed off with two doors.

Graphic quality: Basicline, Lightline or Highline

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Couner Rotex C6 H 89 x B 133 x T 52 13 Kg

Rent exhibition counter Rotex C6


Transportation in car

10 minutes setup time

Individual design

Fire protection class B1

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Suitable trade fair accessories for your trade fair appearance

Only with the appropriate trade fair stand accessories will your trade fair appearance be a well-rounded affair and convey a complete and holistic impression. With our extensive range of carpet tiles, trade show furniture, coffee machines or brochure stands, we offer you the opportunity to complete your trade show booth quickly and easily with the right equipment.

Brochure stand Gecko 100

The Gecko 100 brochure stand is a foldable brochure stand with three display areas for DIN A4 brochure material. The brochure stand is made of high quality aluminum. A transport bag for safe and convenient transport of the equipment is included with this article.

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Gecko 100 H 155 x B 25 x T 33 6,0 Kg

Trade fair accessories - Gecko 100 brochure stand


Brochure stand Gecko 200

The Gecko 200 brochure stand is a foldable brochure stand made of high quality aluminum. The brochure stand has four unbreakable and transparent acrylic brochure trays for the format DIN A4. A transport bag for convenient and safe transport is included.

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Gecko 200 H 155 x B 25 x T 33 6,0 Kg

Brochure stand Gecko 200


Transportation in car

1 minute setup time

Extensive offer

Fire protection class B1

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The perfect rental furniture for your exhibition stand

Rental furniture - exhibition furniture

The trade fair stand has been booked, your graphics have been defined, advertising materials have been ordered with the help of marketing logistics, and the stand design has been finalized? For an inviting atmosphere and an all-around successful trade show appearance, the appropriate trade show furniture is still missing. In our wide range of rental furniture you will find bar stools, chairs, tables and counters in different variations.

Our models are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. So you will always find the piece of furniture that ideally suits your trade show appearance.


Individual assembly

High quality products

Diverse offer

Optimally tailored to you

You would like to learn more about exhibition furniture?

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Outdoor exhibition systems for your outdoor appearance

For a professional outdoor use you need special, weatherproof and resistant presentation systems. For maximum individuality, have your desired items printed by us. The textile graphics of our outdoor systems are particularly easy to clean and transport via our trade fair logistics and later checked for damage, cleaned and stored in our service hub via warehouse management. Your messages always reliable and convincing.

Outdoor exhibition system OpenSky tent

The tents from the OpenSky series have a mechanism that allows you to easily pull apart your tent for pitching. The components are made of highly durable material, which not only ensures a safe stand in wind and weather, but also ensures a long durability.

In its basic configuration, your OpenSky tent consists of the tent frame with a white roof graphic. You can add a printed roof and additional side walls as needed. For different sizes you can choose between four different tent types or connect the tents for individual dimensions.

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Zelt Typ A H 320 x B 230 x T 230 50 Kg
Zelt Typ B H 320 x B 300 x T 300 60 Kg
Zelt Typ C H 320 x B 450 x T 300 70 Kg
Zelt Typ D H 320 x B 600 x T 300 88 Kg

Outdoor exhibition systems - OpenSky tent


Outdoor exhibition system OpenSky beach flag

The beach flags of the OpenSky series attract the attention of your visitors. Designed for outdoor use, the poles of the beach flags are rotatably anchored in the respective base, so the presentation systems move playfully in the wind. 

The beach flags can be embedded directly into the ground by means of a ground spike or, if desired, a ground plate or cross base can be used for attachment. For stormy weather, optional additional weights are recommended, for example in the form of easily transportable water weights.

Graphic quality: Ecoflag

Model Dimensions in cm Weight
Beachflag XS H 235 10 Kg
Beachflag S H 290 10 Kg
Beachflag M H 345 15 Kg
Beachflag L H 400 20 Kg
Beachflag XL H 520 20 Kg

Outdoor exhibition system - OpenSky beach flag


Transportation in car

Fast construction

Wind and weather resistant

Fire protection class B1


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