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Hybrid events

Combining physical events with virtual events. Design hybrid events in an innovative way.


Hybrid events

Hybrid events are virtual supplements to real events. An event can be accompanied online before, during and after the real event. The combination of real and virtual trade show ensures that you use the advantages of both worlds to create an optimal experience for your visitors.

The browser-based solution of the hybrid trade fair formats offer decisive advantages for you compared to real and virtual trade fairs and represent a solution for the trade fair construction and event industry of the future.

Advantages of hybrid events

Independence of place and time

In addition to the physical event, your visitors have the opportunity to participate in the event online. Presentations and documents can be made available to the visitor on demand on the online platform and for download afterwards.

Detailed event analysis

The combination of a physical event with a virtual event enables you to perform detailed event analyses. In addition to visitor measurements at the physical booth, visitor data can be tracked and analyzed online in compliance with GDPR.

Cost effective realization

Take advantage of the unlimited space in the virtual world to keep the cost of the real event location low. The virtual platform does not become more expensive due to a higher number of visitors.


High reach in target group

With a hybrid event, you take advantage of unlimited reach for your event. People who cannot attend the physical event due to distance can use the virtual trade show solution.


Unlimited number of participants

In addition to selected visitors at the real event, the hybrid event format allows you to use the unlimited number of participants for your virtual event to enable as many visitors as possible to attend.

No download needed

Your visitors don't need to download any additional software. Everything runs via the visitor's browser. They can access the hybrid trade fair via Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Access to the event is also possible with a mobile device. 

Disadvantages of hybrid events

In addition to the overwhelming advantages of a hybrid event format, there are also disadvantages that must be taken into account when preparing, conducting and following up on a hybrid event.

  • Technical implementation of the virtual event as a supplement to the classic trade fair construction/event

  • Parallel planning of the physical and virtual event

  • Organization of trade fair services, set-up and dismantling as well as provision of advertising materials and files for downloading

As a trade fair partner and service provider of real as well as virtual event platforms, we help you to implement your hybrid event.

These formats are suitable for your hybrid event

Virtual exhibition stand

The virtual booth can be a virtual copy (Digital Twin) of your physical booth. We will work with you to create an individual design for your virtual trade fair stand. Learn more about the different functional info points on the virtual trade fair stand.

To the virtual exhibition stand

Virtual showroom

In addition to your physical showroom at your company's location, the product presentation can also take place in a virtually recreated and showroom in the online world. The virtual showroom can be accessible 365 days a year and 24/7.

To the virtual showroom

Virtual trade fair tour

The virtual trade fair tour is a virtual tour through the animation of your real trade fair stand. This can be created as live video or as video on-demand. Together we create your individual trade fair tour with a storyboard that will tell your interested more about you. 

To the virtual exhibition tour

Virtual exhibition

Virtual trade fairs are online events in which usually several exhibitors participate and take advantage of the location independence. Our virtual event platform can also be used for one exhibitor and n visitors. Get to know the other advantages of our virtual event platform. 

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Virtual seminar

The virtual seminar or virtual conference includes a virtual plenary hall and virtual group workrooms. These can be used for web conferencing and interaction opportunities with your participants. Learn more about the interaction possibilities and live sessions in virtual seminars.

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Virtual eventplatform

On the virtual event platform you can host all event elements web-based. From a virtual exhibition stand to a virtual trade fair - a content management system and customer relationship management are available to you for the implementation of hybrid events.

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Since the Corona crisis, the terms event, trade fair and exhibition stand have been used almost exclusively in the context of the term hybrid. In this detailed white paper, we differentiate these terms and explain them in the context of the hybrid format. 

Learn more about the differences, advantages and disadvantages as well as procedures of hybrid events, hybrid fairs and hybrid exhibition stands in our free whitepaper.

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Hybrid event, hybrid trade fair, hybrid trade fair stand: Whitepaper

The terms event, exhibition and exhibition stand have been used almost exclusively in the context of the term 𝗵𝘆𝗯𝗿𝗶𝗱 since the Corona crisis. In this detailed white paper, we differentiate these terms and explain them in the context of the hybrid format.

Learn more about the differences, advantages, disadvantages, and approaches to hybrid events, hybrid trade shows, and hybrid trade show booths in our free whitepaper.


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Whitepaper Hybride Veranstaltungen, hybride Messen und hybride Messestände


Technical implementation of hybrid events

We support you in the technical implementation of your hybrid events, so that you as the organizer can take care of your visitors during the event.

  • Provide digital infrastructure via our system or embed it into your CRM and CMS system

  • Setting up the virtual trade fair (integration of content elements, streams, interaction tools, etc.)

  • Live support during the event for a smooth running of the event

Our service for your hybrid event


Together with you, we plan your hybrid event: from the exhibition stand to the online platform.

Customer journey

We develop a customer journey for your visitors to make the event experience a success.

Logistics service

From logistics to set-up and tear-down to storage, we handle everything for your physical event.

Live support

During your hybrid event, we monitor the virtual presence and help with technical problems.

Online platform

We provide an online platform for the virtual completion of your event.


After the event, we provide you with data from your online presence as well as from on-site visitor measurement.

Hybrid event examples

FAQs Hybrid events

We help you organize and implement a hybrid event!