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Virtual seminar

Host seminars digitally to take advantage of the virtual world.

Let seminars be virtual

The virtual seminar is a seminar which is not held in the real world but virtually. The virtual seminar can be embedded on your website or a virtual event platform. Virtual rooms, which can be used as webcasts for keynotes, as well as virtual group workrooms, which can be used as web conferences and interaction possibilities, complete a virtual seminar. Unlike in trade fair construction, the creation of virtual rooms is independent of statics and thus enables further options in creative design.

You have almost infinite interaction possibilities with a virtual seminar, especially in live sessions you can involve your seminar participants and make the seminar as interactive as you can do in a real seminar as well.

Features of a virtual seminar at a glance

Realization time

The realization time depends on the level of customization of the platform and the availability of your content.


The reach depends on the number of seminar participants that the organizer can attract to the Virtual Seminar.


Interaction possibilities are almost limitless. Depending on the integration of live sessions and group rooms.


The costs depend on the duration of the Virtual Seminar, number of virtual rooms, number of participants and content.

Functions of the virtual seminar

The virtual seminar includes all the features of a real seminar or congress and can be integrated within a virtual trade fair, a virtual showroom or a virtual trade fair tour. You have no restrictions in the number of participants to hold seminars online. You have the possibility to transfer image and sound tracks. You can show the participants of the virtual seminar your created presentations as well as your live image.

In individual and group chats or user forums the participants can work out, discuss and compile contents. By means of whiteboards, attachments of video and audio files, and the integration of learning units, this content can be presented and made available to all other participants. Virtual lecture stages can be used both at the beginning of a virtual seminar and for panel discussions after content has been developed in groups.

All functions at a glance:

  • Transmission of presentations and/ or camera/ live image

  • Whiteboard

  • Individual and group chats

  • Video and audio files as attachments

  • Lecture stages/ panel discussions

  • Integration of learning units

  • User forums

business laptop and microphotone at podium on seminar conference education


Realize seminars virtually and live on site

You want to link your physical on-site seminar with a virtual seminar? A hybrid event benefits from the advantages of both worlds - online and offline. We would be happy to realize both components for you within our trade fair service and design a holistic concept.

Together we will develop an event concept for your seminar to inspire visitors on-site and virtually in front of their screens. We take it for granted that both event components are to be understood as a joint event and that the visitors should communicate and interact with each other. 

Host a virtual seminar now and enjoy the benefits