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Visitor measurement with Event-Metrics

Automated and DSGVO-compliant recording of visitor flows in real time. Evaluate dwell time at your exhibits and number of visitors on and around your booth and optimize trade show concepts based on data.

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Visitor analysis software

Visitor measurement at events

With the Event Metrics software module of the WWMcloud platform, you know the number of your booth visitors, their dwell time and the percentage of returning visitors. Get answers to questions such as, "

  • Which exhibit is best viewed?

  • Is it still worth it for us to exhibit at the trade fair?

  • What day and time of day are particularly busy for visitors?

Measure brand awareness

Analyze visitor behavior

Increase performance

Demonstrate success with KPIs

Become a digital event pioneer with Event-Metrics

Whether target group relevance of previous trade show appearances or evaluation of new event formats - Event-Metrics offers evaluations like Google Analytics in online marketing. A data-based decision-making basis for budget planning and long-term orientation of your live communication.

Visitor data analysis

Small Sensor with Big Data

With Event-Metrics, you can evaluate the performance of your live communication measures based on data at the push of a button. For this purpose, a small sensor is placed on your booth. This measures the behavior of the event visitors on the basis of WLAN technology in a data protection-compliant manner.

After a short time, this data is available on the associated platform. Analyze visitor behavior at your trade show booth, optimize your trade show concept and evaluate the success of your live marketing measures based on defined KPIs.

Sensor zur Erfassung von Besucherdaten

Fair performance data, as with Google Analytics

In addition to the desktop version, all captured data is also available to you in real time in our WWM Event-Metrics app. 

This gives you easy and mobile access to all the information that is relevant to you.


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Data mobile accessible via the app

Trade fair studies for download

With the help of the Event-Metrics sensors, trade show studies can be created that provide information about the success of a trade show appearance. The insights into visitor behavior at various trade fairs give companies insight into whether participation in a trade fair or on certain days of an event is target-oriented.

To trade fair studies

Trade fair studies
In one sentence: The contact was great, the setup simple and the result: worth its weight in gold.
Uta Goretzky, Executive Director , IFES
Uta Goretzky
Executive Director , IFES
Event Metrics is the Google Analytics for Live Communications - ExpoCloud moves the industry forward.
Silke Schulte
Silke Schulte
CEO, ESG Einkaufs- und Servicegesellschaft mbH
By working with ExpoCloud, we have a high degree of certainty of results. Event metrics is an enormously precise and surprisingly simple method for monitoring success for Europe's largest photo festival in Baden near Vienna.
Lois Lammerhuber, Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo
Lois Lammerhuber
Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo

We make live marketing measurable - simple and secure


Visitor measurement - measuring radius


Your brand awareness in numbers

The Event-Metrics sensor measures within a maximum range of 50 to 100 meters around the booth. The range of the measurement radius depends on factors such as aisle width and building development on site. Trade show visitors who are within this range are recorded and are available in ExpoCloud Event Metrics as so-called passages. Graphs and figures over time per day and for the duration of multi-day events are available for viewing in ExpoCloud in real time.

Your booth visitors closely considered

To accurately record your booth visitors, the Event Metrics sensor measures in a second radius that is individually adjusted to the size of your booth. People who stay within this measurement radius for longer than 90 seconds are counted as visitors. In your ExpoCloud, you can then view the number of trade show and booth visitors, their dwell time at your booth, and the percentage of returning visitors after a short period of time.

            Costs for visitor measurement with Event-Metrics

Standard Professional Enterprise
Costs per sensor
149€ / day
249€ / month
249€ / month
Costs for tenant
9,95€ / month
95€ / month
495€ / month
Minimum runtime software
1 month
12 months
12 months
Own link tenant
Integration of company logo
Integration of personalized colors
Self care of the sensors
Creating events
49€ / event
Set up customer portals

Let's talk about how you can use event metrics to your advantage!

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My name is Barry Penners and I am happy to answer your questions about visitor measurement with Event-Metrics.

In a live demo, I'll be happy to introduce you to Event-Metrics in more detail and show you the possibilities of visitor measurement. Let's take a look together at how you can best use this analysis tool for your project.

Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation if you are looking for a tool to measure your trade show presence.

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