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The leading solution for centralizing and
simplification of event management.

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Event resource management software simple and efficient

With the certified event management software "WWMcloud", WWM offers the leading cloud solution for the company-wide management of marketing resources, as well as the planning, execution and analysis of offline marketing measures for trade fairs and events. You can book all the services and products you need for your successful event in WWMcloud - online and in real time. Learn more about the individual components of WWMcloud.

ERM Shop

Orders with favorable logistics

In the standard ordering process, each user is provided with the resources released or assigned to him. Whether own equipment or rental equipment, catering, event technology, advertising materials, flyers, brochures or entire exhibition stands and modular exhibition systems. The most favorable logistics are automatically offered in the order workflow, and if things have to move quickly, express surcharges are also indicated. Our customers benefit from the bundled deployment volume of all users.

WWMcloud Buchung

Operations on demand at any time

In the Event Shop, all processes are available on demand. Whether online orders, orders, delivery bills, invoices or credit bills. The search and sorting by date, status, rating or even customer is helpful, especially with a large number of orders.

ERM Resources

Trade fair and event equipment at a glance

In the resources, the inventoried event equipment is available to you. Extensive product descriptions and information on size, weight, packaging units, as well as PDF documents, product images and films and even CAD data are displayed. Rental equipment and catering are also available as resources. Exhibitors, event agencies and stand builders share all necessary and project-related information. As a rental equipment provider, caterer or advertising material dealer, you can use WWMcloud to offer your products as resources to the more than 5,000 active users and generate new orders.

WWMcloud Ressources

Advertising material - always in stock

In the Event Shop, the current stock of all advertising materials and giveaways, print products and roll-ups, right up to entire trade fair sets, can be called up in real time and forecast future availability at any time. The forecast future consumption of materials and the automatic message if an item falls below the defined minimum quantity ensure security in event resource management. In WWM, advertising material dealers, exhibitors and agencies work together effectively and in a process-optimized manner.

Rental equipment - maximum choice

The WWM Cloud Platform brings exhibitors, event agencies and stand builders together with rental equipment providers in a targeted manner. When designing and planning an exhibition stand, all parties involved have access to the maximum selection of rental furniture, accessories and much more. No limits in choice and freedom in conception. WWM is the ideal place for rental companies to present their own portfolio to over 5,000 active users already.

Ressourcen Mietequipment

Availability of rental items & promotional materials

Via this newly introduced function, it is possible to view the availability of resources such as rental items, advertising materials and virtual sets over a period of three months. With this functionality, key benefits are achieved:

  • Sustainability and cost savings: You can plan your trade show equipment sustainably and prevent under- and overproduction of individual items.

  • Material management: Enables you to reorder advertising materials in good time and avoid high express costs.

  • Efficient trade show planning: With the 3-month overview of the available trade show equipment, you save time in your trade show planning and can quickly schedule rental material for your next trade show appearance today.

Availability of exhibition equipment

Simplify event management

Ask for our event management software WWMcloud without obligation.

WWMcloud request

ERM Administration

Users are the users of your portal solution. These users get their access data
automatically to the e-mail address you have stored with us.  

You can grant your users various functional rights. In order to be able to book events and order articles, authorizations for these workflows must be granted. In addition, certain administrator rights can be assigned.

Users with this right can edit the respective article (for example, the title, the description or the displayed images).



This is a clear admin role and should be assigned with care.

Users with this right can:

Create group or individual budgets

Assign group or individual budgets

Increase or decrease budgets



This is a clear admin role and should be assigned with caution. If you are not yet
not yet working with budgets, you should seek advice here. This right should always be assigned in combination with the Administrator user.


News are used for communication to "users" in the portal. They enable "news" to be communicated
to communicate "news" when the user calls the portal.

Users with this right can:

Create newsgroups

Edit newsgroups

Assign user newsgroups

Create news articles

Users with this right can:

Edit user

Assign users to groups

Assign functional rights to users



This is a clear admin role and should be assigned with caution. By assigning
functional rights, licenses can be added and costs can be incurred.
be incurred.

Users with this right can:

Add print data for article

Update print data for article



This role is required, for example, when Print-On-Demand is used for print documents. It is suitable, for example, for external agencies that are to manage and update these items.

Users with this right can:

See orders from yourself and from other users

See jobs from yourself and from other users



This role is needed, for example, when team leads want to view or analyze your employees' projects.

Modules of the event resource management

Modules are technical or functional extensions of your portal solution.

Own subdomain

If you want your own domain to access your portal, then this option must be selected. This is subject to the availability of the domain.

SSL encryption

WWMcloud is SSL encrypted by default. However, if you want to use your own domain, then this must be additionally encrypted.

Design & Content

If you want to customize the colors and logos of your portal, this module is needed.

OCI interface

If you want to connect your portal to an SAP or alternative eSourcing system via OCI, you must use this module.

Single sign-on API

If you want to enable access to the portal from a leading system (e.g. Salesforce), you need this module.


Other language

If you would like to have another language in the portal in addition to the standard portal language, this module is required for each additional language (subject to availability).



If you want to individualize print products in the portal and have the print data generated automatically, then this module must be used.


Internal costs

If you want to use the "Internal costs" functionality to analyze cost causers without a billing document, use this module.


Simplify your trade fair planning with the WWMcloud

Ask for our event management software WWMcloud without obligation.

WWMcloud request

ERM Analytics

Measure and analyze live marketing performance

With Event Metrics, ERM Analytics offers you analysis data on visitor behavior on and around the trade fair stand. This includes the number of trade show and booth visitors, their dwell time, as well as the percentage of returning visitors - like Google Analytics in online marketing. You receive all data as interactive graphics over the entire duration of the event and in detail over the course of the day. The performance data is available as graphics or Excel tables for downloading for your presentation. With Event Metrics, your live communication measures are just as measurable and transparent as your online marketing. With Event Metrics, ExpoCloud Insights offers you a data-based decision-making basis for the strategic orientation of your live communication.

WWMcloud analytics

ERM Studio

3D exhibition stand configurator

All your exhibition systems stored with us and available online in the WWMcloud, plan and design your exhibition stands digitally according to your individual wishes in ERM Studio.

  • Access to rental furniture

  • Upload your own equipment

  • Customized graphics

  • High quality presentation

To 3D exhibition stand configurator


WWMcloud ERM Studio

Do you have any questions about our Event Resource Management Software? We will be happy to help you!