Virtual exhibition stand

Digitize your trade show presence with a Digital Twin.

Already the term virtual is very much related to the term virtual reality, which describes a reality simulated by a computer. Thus, the virtual exhibition stand is not in reality and takes place only in simulation. So, in order to create a virtual trade fair stand, you first have to create it digitally. This is mostly done with software solutions from the field of CAD or VR. However, the purpose of the virtual trade fair stand is that it can also be "visited" by visitors, and thus the virtual trade fair stand must be accessible to a specific target group on the Internet (e.g. the company website).

This requires a suitable programming language (e.g. WebGL) as well as appropriate server technologies for hosting. Here, WWM relies on the award-winning solution ExpoCloud Studio, which enables easy provision of virtual trade fair stands on the Internet. However, another key requirement for the virtual trade fair stand is interaction with the visitor, i.e. the virtual trade fair stand must be able to interact with the visitor and provide content at the visitor's request.  However, this is easier on the Internet with Internet technologies than in real life, since content can be linked from all over the Internet. We call these interaction points with the visitor info points and can create them freely.

Virtual exhibition stand software

No matter if you want to create a 2D or a 3D virtual booth, you need a software for the implementation and integration of interaction points. Here it means directly once attention: Some providers offer only one solution in your software. So think beforehand which variant of the virtual trade fair stand you would like to implement. The best solution would be a software that offers virtual exhibition stands in 2D as well as in 3D. So you are flexible and can try both variants once.

Example: ExpoCloud offers the creation of virtual exhibition stands in 2D as well as in 3D with its web application "VirtualShow". This software does not need to be installed and works in any browser. Through numerous interaction options, such as the integration of videos, forms and many other functions, you can enhance your virtual event and turn it into a multimedia infotainment experience.

Examples of virtual exhibition stands

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Functions of the virtual booth

With the different packages you increase the interaction at the virtual booth:

Standard: Includes 3D animation and the creation of info points.

Professional: This package also includes a CRM and CMS function as well as forms and chatbots, making lead generation and analyses & reporting possible.

Virtueller Messestand Funktionen


Virtueller Messestand Preise


Prices for the virtual exhibition stand

For the Virtual Booth you can choose from two price packages:

Package 1: Includes the creation of a Virtual Booth with 10 Infopoints and a usage period of 3 months for 1,300€.

Package 2: Includes the modeling of a booth, the creation of the Virtual Booth with 10 Infopoints as well as 3 forms and a usage period of 3 months for 2.550€.

Evaluation of the virtual trade fair stand

Realization time

The realization time depends on the availability of the content and the scope of the virtual exhibition stand.


The reach of the Virtual booth depends on your customer base and type of publication.


The interaction is already available from the standard functions and can be extended by the additional functions.


The cost of a Virtual booth ranges from 500€ to 1,500€ depending on the availability of a booth model.

Does the virtual trade fair stand replace the real trade fair construction?

The question of whether the virtual trade show booth can replace the trade show booth in the real world is the subject of controversial debate. Proponents praise the ease of access without travel, while critics complain about the lack of personal contact. Everyone must form their own opinion on this, with personal preferences also playing a role.

Advantages of the virtual booth


No travel necessary

Cost-effective realization possible

Networking of multimedia content

Location and time independent



Disadvantages of the Virtual booth


No personal contact

Only 2 senses are addressed


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Our recommendation: The Virtual booth as Digital Twin

We believe in the virtual trade show booth as a so-called digital twin of the real trade show booth. In this sense, the virtual trade fair stand is not a replacement for the real trade fair stand, but a symbiotic complement that goes beyond the real trade fair presence. With the Digital Twin you strengthen your real trade fair stand.

This approach makes sense if only because you can use the advantages of both solutions without the disadvantages taking precedence. We distinguish here between three scenarios for the use of the virtual trade fair stand.

Before the fair

During the fair

After the fair

Virtual booth before the fair

In this scenario, the virtual trade show booth can be used to hint at the booth to the target group and arouse interest in visiting the real booth. In doing so, one can deliberately only "hint" at certain products in order to further increase the interest for the visit. In short, one should not lay all cards on the table yet, but still keep a few secrets for the real trade fair.

In addition, one can already check the interest in certain products or services in advance. With the virtual trade fair stand, this can be done quite simply by evaluating the number of times info points are called up or how often a particular target page of the info points is called up.

Virtueller Messestand vor der Messe


Virtueller Messestand während der Messe


Virtual booth during the fair

Only very few trade fair visitors are on site for the entire duration of the trade fair. Many only visit a trade fair on individual days and usually report to their colleagues the next day about the most interesting stands or products. In most cases, this report can only be made on catalogs or websites and does not represent the booth itself or the product presentation.

With the virtual booth, however, the visitor is able to share his experience with colleagues and to access further content. This is often another opportunity for the exhibitor to generate additional leads via so-called gated content, i.e. content for which visitors must leave their personal data for retrieval.

Virtual booth after the fair

While the real trade fair is limited to a few days a year, the virtual trade fair stand can live on even after the trade fair. Thus, even weeks or months after the trade show, it creates the possibility to relive what has been seen and to specifically access products or solutions that have been seen during the trade show. Thus, the virtual trade fair stand enables so-called association networks through the representation of the room, i.e. we can mostly remember directly where we saw a product, but no longer exactly the name of the product. Whereas the real trade fair stand can only exploit this advantage during the trade fair, the virtual trade fair stand is able to do so even beyond the trade fair period. The targeted use of the virtual trade fair stand after the trade fair thus helps to generate valuable leads (inquiries) even after the trade fair.

Virtueller Messestand nach der Messe


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