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We take responsibility

For our ecological and social environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our value culture, we take responsibility for our employees in the company and the use of natural resources. We also support social projects that benefit society and the environment, thus contributing to sustainable development. The basis of our sense of responsibility is the fundamental values of honesty, helpfulness, prudence and trust, which are embodied by every employee.

The strong and motivating community of WWM and the responsibility of the individual are the key to the success of our customers. The many personal relationships among each other particularly promote social commitment and carry the values of WWM to the outside world.

Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz
CEO, WWM GmbH & Co. KG

CEO Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz

We generate electricity from 100% renewable energy

In line with our value culture, health and environmental awareness are at the forefront of our actions. For these reasons, we have decided to generate our electricity exclusively from renewable energies and additionally feed it into the European distribution grid. Through our photovoltaic systems at the Monschau and Alsdorf sites, we reduce CO2 emissions by 9.4 tons annually.

Standort Monschau


The WWM fleet is 70% electric

We provide charging stations for electric vehicles for our colleagues and customers at the locations Monschau and Alsdorf.

E-cars as company cars

Health and environmental awareness


We believe that health, balance and joy of life are part of a balanced self. In our eyes, this requires harmony with our ecological and social environment. The physical and mental health of our employees is important to us. Therefore, we strive for a sustainable approach to our fellow human beings as well as to our natural resources.


Certificate - electricity from renewable sources

Cystic fibrosis - Support of the Luisenhospital Aachen

At WWM, our values include above all honesty, helpfulness and responsibility. That is why we are committed to the disease cystic fibrosis and bear a piece of responsibility for society. Cystic fibrosis is a disease that is widespread in many parts of our culture, but is still little known. Together with other sponsors, we contribute to improving research and supporting those affected.

The disease cystic fibrosis

In Germany, about 8,000 children and young adults suffer from cystic fibrosis, a disease that is still incurable. It is one of the most common hereditary metabolic diseases in our latitudes. Cystic fibrosis is a defect in the "blueprint" of the cells. The body's own secretions are produced in a thickened state. This viscous mucus sticks together vital organs, such as the lungs and the pancreas. Gradually, the affected organs lose their ability to function and take away the affected person's breath.

Luisenhospital - We are Luisen friends!

Luisenhospital Aachen Golf-Trophy

As a show sponsor, we support the largest charity golf tournament in the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine region in favor of cystic fibrosis. The 12th edition of the event started in Aachen on May 13, 2017. 120 golf enthusiasts competed in a sporty golf tournament for a good cause. The subsequent finale with well over 350 guests took place at the Pullman Aachen Quellenhof. Numerous non-golfing participants were also among the guests - for the benefit of cystic fibrosis.

Luisenhospital Golf-Trophy

Co-initiator and founding benefactor of the FAMAB Foundation

Together with FAMAB and as part of our value culture, we launched the FAMAB Foundation in 2013. The FAMAB Foundation is the foundation of the FAMAB Kommunikationsverband e.V. - an interdisciplinary association of specialists from the fields of exhibition stand construction, architecture and design for communication in space, marketing event and communication as well as event catering.

The foundation supports and promotes social and charitable projects for the sectors "direct business communication" in the areas of nature and environmental protection, vocational training and talents, as well as science and research. In particular, the ecological idea plays a major role here.

FAMAB Foundation

The goals of the FAMAB Foundation

The central goal of the FAMAB Foundation is to take responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions caused by the activities in our industry. With the establishment of the foundation, we have accepted the responsibility towards the next generation and at the same time create an access to more targeted CO2 compensation possibilities.

However, the objectives of the Foundation are broader than just protecting the environment. The statutes state:
I. the promotion of the protection of nature and the environment in relation to the sector of trade fairs, events and communication in space
II. the promotion of vocational training in the industry and the promotion of talents and gifts
III. the promotion of science and research for topics and areas related to the industry

Famab Foundation Initiator

The FAMAB Forest project

The FAMAB forest is located in the province of Panama, in the valley of the Mamoni River. Here, many valuable rainforest areas have been lost through illegal clearing, which are now being completely recreated with the help of the foundation.

In addition, many new jobs have been created, which also promote the social life of the inhabitants. Thus, in addition to the forest, new social and ecological values have been brought to life.

Famab Foundation Forest

Sustainable Future Education

The nationwide education offensive "sustainable Future Education" from FAMAB is aimed at young professionals in the event industry. The CSR idea of sustainable event management and the corresponding know-how for a sustainable industry is conveyed through the project.

"You can never start early enough to sensitize the junior staff of our industry for the topic of sustainability and to anchor the feeling for resource-saving actions in their heads."

Jan Kalbfleisch, Managing Director FAMAB

FAMAB Sustainable Future Education

Digital Hub Aachen - supporter from the very beginning

The initiative "Aachen digitalizes!" is the cornerstone for the DigitalHUB Aachen e.V.. Science, business and politics are committed to turning the Aachen city region into a digital innovation hub. The goal of this coalition is to sustainably strengthen the future viability of the region and to promote and empower the digitization of the economy. The "Aachen area" is an attractive region that offers the best conditions for successful digitization thanks to a broad-based SME sector, international universities and a large proportion of startups.

Support Digitalhub Aachen

Shaping the future

WWM supports the Digital HUB Aachen as an active member. Within the framework of our value culture, dynamism, innovation and profitability are at the forefront of the digital transformation, which is already well advanced internally. This gives us the necessary experience for the joint and successful digitization of the Aachen region. The HUB connects and brings together users, supporters, and switchers of the digital transformation. Together, we digitize the Aachen region and thus determine the future.

digitalHUB Aachen Shaping the Future