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Sustainable trade fair construction
in event management

Sustainable live communication at trade fairs for more climate protection in event management

Sustainability in trade fair construction

Every company is now making its contribution to greater sustainability. For example, they pay attention to reducing waste production, invest in sustainable energy, for example in the form of photovoltaic systems, and make sure to work with partners who also consciously leave their ecological footprint. In this way, the trade fair industry also invests in sustainability in trade fair construction. Sustainability in exhibition stand construction includes the use of reusable materials and the conservation of raw materials through ecological printing processes or the multiple use of exhibition stands.

Modular structures

Sustainable trade fair construction

Rent components

Sustainable trade fair construction

Virtual events

Sustainable trade fair construction

Sustainable printing and graphics service

Sustainable trade fair construction

We, too, are committed to meeting the sustainability requirements for exhibition stands and exhibition organisation. In addition to the production of individual elements, which are made especially for a trade fair year and thus leave a large ecological footprint, the use of modular trade fair stands is much more sustainable. The modular elements and the use of rental furniture offer you the opportunity to continue to design your exhibition stand individually and sustainably.

Designing a sustainable exhibition stand

To design a sustainable trade fair stand, choose the right resources. We are at your side as a partner in trade fair construction and work with you to design a sustainable trade fair presence by paying attention to the following key areas:


Reusable exhibition systems for more sustainability

The key to designing a sustainable exhibition stand is the use of modular exhibition stands. Here, we make use of existing systems and elements that have already been produced. In addition, all systems can be used several times and combined with individual highlights such as LED video walls. Our exhibition systems are available in various shapes and sizes, so that individuality is easily possible.


Rental components for sustainable trade fair construction

To make an exhibition stand look inviting, accessories such as chairs, tables or plants must not be missing. These do not have to be purchased separately. Thanks to our large repertoire of rental components, these can be rented for the duration of the trade fair presentation. The use of rental furniture makes it possible to take a big step towards a sustainable trade fair. Nothing has to be produced from scratch or purchased separately by using existing materials and exhibition stands.


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Virtual and hybrid events to reduce travel.

Virtual events bring many advantages. However, it is not entirely true that online events are sustainable. The required data centres also consume CO². Instead, events in the "corporate metaverse" focus on reusability and avoid the production of disposable items as far as possible. The focus is thus on the sustainable use of events that have already been produced.

Furthermore, the use of virtual events or hybrid events can reduce travel to the trade fair venue. Trade fair visitors no longer have to travel hundreds of kilometres to attend trade fairs. This reduces CO² emissions and thus protects the environment.


Sustainability in printing and graphic services for trade fairs

Another point of our DNA is the use of ecological graphics, which can be used several times due to their production method. The dye sublimation process does not necessarily allow us to produce sustainable textile graphics, but reusable textile graphics. Other advantages of this process are the weight savings of the printed materials, which in turn has a positive effect on the transport volume and transport weight. Nevertheless, there are some key differences in the production of textile graphics. We explain these on our website exhibition stand design

Meanwhile, many trade fair exhibitors use LED video walls instead of textile graphics, which can be integrated into a sustainable trade fair stand in any size. Of course, the video content can be created individually and exchanged as desired. Find out more about digital trade fair stands.

LED technology

With the help of LED technology, the production of textile prints can be avoided. Graphics can easily be shown via LED video wall.

Virtual events

The use of virtual events reduces the willingness of trade fair visitors to travel and thus CO² emissions.


Thanks to the modular exhibition systems and the use of rental equipment, no elements have to be produced separately.

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Example of a sustainable trade fair concept

A perfect example of a sustainable trade fair stand is Papstar's appearance at the Horecave in Amsterdam. The stand consisted almost entirely of recyclable and renewable raw materials. For this purpose, WWM GmbH & Co. KG developed its own plug-in system at the customer's request so that this exhibition stand could be easily assembled and dismantled. Furthermore, this system enabled multiple use at trade fairs.

Designing a sustainable trade fair presence requires a rethink in trade fair planning. We would be happy to work with you to create your individual and sustainable trade fair presence and support you from the trade fair conception and planning.

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