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Rent exhibition stand

Flexibly access cost-effective rental equipment and save high investment costs.

Exhibition stand for rent - Cost-effective alternative to the purchased stand

An investment for the future or cost-effective and flexible? The answer to this question is certainly your frequency of trade show participation per year and your available trade show budget. But whatever you decide, with ExpoCloud you are perfectly equipped for your successful trade show appearance.

Whether modular exhibition stand or mobile exhibition stand: If you rent your exhibition stand, you can reduce your trade fair costs and create more flexibility. Because even with a small trade fair budget, you will score individually and with different trade fair stands at every event. As a WWM customer, you have online access to a wide range of  rental exhibition stands at any time. Our system in exhibition construction provides countless combination options and construction methods for your individual rental trade fair stand. Benefit from our experience and reduce your trade fair costs.

"We can combine our own equipment with rental equipment and use the solution in a standardized way at several events a year."

Edith Fischer, Marketing Manager, xbAV AG

Advantages of exhibition stands for rent

Companies that organize many trade show appearances each year benefit from the advantages of a rental booth. Investment costs are eliminated and you still have access to the latest trade fair equipment.

Cost efficiency

No costs for purchase, maintenance and storage places.


Individual construction for rental stands in all sizes and shapes.

Modern trade fair accessories 

You can book the latest digital rental accessories from our rental pool.

Easy organisation

Simply click together and order your exhibition stand for rent in the ExpoCloud portal.

Why it is worth renting an exhibition stand instead of buying one

If you're looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to showcase your business at trade shows and events, consider renting a booth instead of buying one. Here are four reasons why renting a trade show booth is a better option:

  • Cost-efficiency: renting a trade show booth is usually more cost-efficient than buying your own. You save on the initial cost and don't have to worry about selling or storing it when it's no longer needed.

  • Flexibility: trade show booths can be rented as needed, giving you the option to use different booths for different events/booth spaces.

  • Modern trade show accessories: rented booths are often equipped with the latest technologies and designs, so you can offer a modern and appealing presentation without the cost of updating your own booth. Rented booths also do not incur the cost of repairs and maintenance, as these are taken care of by the rental company.

  • Easy organization: Renting a booth is a simple process that can be handled in the ExpoCloud portal. This allows you to concentrate fully on your trade show appearance.


Which companies benefit from offering an exhibition stand?

Companies that should choose to rent a trade show booth are especially small and medium-sized companies that have a smaller trade show budget. Likewise, companies that are only occasionally present at trade shows and events or exhibit at many small events with different booth spaces. Companies exhibiting at a trade show for the first time can test various trade show systems before purchasing them.

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