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High range

With the Virtual Engagement Platform, you can reach your target audience physically and virtually.

High engagement

With the event app, you encourage participants to actively participate in the event and exchange ideas.

Customer Journey

The customer journey is adapted to the individual agenda points chosen by the visitor.

Content onDemand

Content elements can be provided before and after the event.

Virtual engagement platform at a glance


Virtual Engagement Platform Übersicht


Hybrid events

Personal event

Dependence on time:

Personal attendance is always time-dependent. However, the content of the event can be recorded at any time and made available as OnDemand content.


Location dependency:

Participation in person always requires a visit to the venue. However, we can offer virtual participation as an alternative to visiting the venue.

Virtual event

The sense of touch:

Until now, digital technologies have not been able to provide sensory experiences of objects and people. However, we can use VR technologies and interactive 3D objects to create a more immersive experience.

Sense of taste:

Except in certain industries (e.g. Food & Beverages), the sense of taste is mostly associated with gastronomy experiences. With event boxes, this experience can be easily delivered to the virtual participants of the event.

Increase visitor engagement

The challenge in hybrid events is to bring the visitors of the physical and the virtual event together. 

  • The involvement and communication of the participants with the moderator as well as with each other naturally works at face-to-face events.

  • The involvement and communication of the participants with the moderator and with each other is solved digitally at virtual events.

The event app makes it possible to be a link between physical and virtual trade fair visitors with the help of the Virtual Engagement Platform.

Engagement auf hybriden Events steigern

Fuctions of virtual engagement platform

Variants of the Virtual Engagement Platform


Creation of a subdomain

For companies with an internal marketing team and full
access to their own CMS and CRM system. 

VirtualShow Plugin

Shared CRM

Shared CMS

Strategy: short-term, medium-term & long-term

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Own top-level domain

For companies with no or non-agile access to their own
CMS and CRM system.

VirtualShow Plugin

Privates CRM

Privates  CMS

Strategy: long-term

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