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LED exhibition stand

Create moving moments with LED exhibition walls.

The digital trade fair stand with its LED trade fair walls is the trade fair stand of the future - actually the real trade fair stand of the future. Rent flexible and sustainable modules for your LED video wall in combination with our rentable exhibition systems. You save investment costs and always have access to the latest technology of LED video walls.


More movement at the trade fair stand with LED trade fair walls

The digital exhibition stand takes place not in the virtual, but in the individual exhibition construction of the fair, thus distinguishing itself from the virtual exhibition stand. It owes its name to the use of modern, digital technologies of LED exhibition walls, which enable numerous advantages in the real world and digitize the trade fair and other events. In this sense, the use of digital, customizable video elements instead of individually produced graphics is characteristic of the digital exhibition stand.

Features of LED digital exhibition walls

  • 49.6 cm x 49.6 cm per module

  • 160 x 160 pixels per module with 3.1 mm or 192 x 192 pixels per module with 2.5 mm pixel pitch

  • Cross-module, borderless animations

  • Individual arrangement and area of the modules

  • Content control via multimedia 4G controller

  • Playout of content on site or remotely


Digitaler Messestand - Rückwand der LED-Messewand


As an exhibitor, there are no limits to your individual exhibition design for an interactive trade show experience. The perfectly coordinated system of LED modules and controller is set up, connected, tested and handed over to you for operation by our experienced fitters before the event. If desired, we can implement the system remotely to ensure that your marketing activities run optimally.

Advantages of LED exhibition stands

Customized exhibition stand design

You can create the arrangement and area of your LED exhibition wall on the digital exhibition stand individually and flexibly.

Sustainable trade fair stand concept

With the use of digital content and the digital exhibition stand for rent, you pursue a sustainable marketing and exhibition stand concept.

Playout of multimedia content

With multimedia content, such as presentations, videos and images, you generate more attention and a higher reach for your trade fair presence.

No acquisition costs 

All components of the digital exhibition stand are available for rent for your project. You thus save the acquisition costs as well as storage costs.

Live support

If you wish, we can control, adjust and update your digital content for you remotely from our Service Hub.

Reduction of printing costs

Using LED trade show walls on the digital booth reduces the cost of printing custom graphics.

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Digitize trade fair stands

Trade show marketing rethought, the digital trade show booth offers a whole new experience in the trade show industry. With our tool WWMcloud, the realization and application of the digital trade fair stand becomes the highlight of your next trade fair concept. The digital trade fair stand rounds off your trade fair presence in combination with a virtual trade fair to create a hybrid event.


LED trade fair stand of the future for trade fair visitors

In addition to exhibits, a company's product presentation can also be made with the digital trade fair stand with the help of videos, presentations and animations. Visitors can thus become better acquainted with products and services requiring explanation at the trade show booth or showroom and interact with you more quickly. A viewed video at the event is also remembered much better than a read-through text.


LED exhibition stand for exhibitors

The digital trade show booth brings many advantages for exhibitors. A modern company underlines the innovativeness of its products and services with a digital trade show presence and also stands out from other exhibitors. This draws the attention of visitors to the company's own trade fair stand or showroom and increases its reach. Unlike pre-produced textile graphics, the content that was defined during the trade show conception can still be individually and flexibly adapted during the trade show appearance. During a trade fair, A/B tests can be carried out to compare the interaction and interest in the exhibits and optimize the product presentation while still on site.


LED exhibition stand as EaaS (Exhibition-as-a-Service)

Today's world is characterized by the transformation of purchased products into rental products. I.e. the transformation into services. This is often accompanied by the term "as-a-service". The first and most prominent representative of this category is the so-called SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

Here, the original purchase of software licenses and their installation on the customer's own servers has been transformed into a service where the customer only has to pay for the use of the software.

This approach is predestined to resolve the conflict between the advantages and disadvantages of the digital trade fair stand. Because here, too, the conflict of high investment costs and dedicated know-how for installation and the usage potential of the solution must be balanced. Following the "aaS" semantics, this would be called EaaS (Exhibition-as-a-Service) and the digital exhibition stand would be the protagonist. 


Content for the LED trade fair stand

In order for the content on the LED walls of your individual trade fair stand to be shown off to its best advantage by the trade fair visitors, it requires a few tips on content creation and the technical requirements.


Content creation for the LED trade fair stand

Content creation can be done by the WWM team as well as by your company. On request, all data (images, videos, presentations, etc.) will be put into the right format and uploaded to a playlist that can be played via an online cloud during the trade fair. Alternatively, we can independently create animations from your documents for visualization for your target audience. The content created can also be used for a virtual trade show booth.

Download free guide to content creation for your digital trade show booth.

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Technical requirements for LED exhibition walls

When creating and managing digital content, some technical requirements must be met and taken into account during your trade show planning. While it is usually unproblematic to adapt images to the target size of the medium, this is usually somewhat more problematic with other data, such as video content. In order for presentations, videos and images from other projects to be displayed optimally on the digital trade show booth, the elements must be developed and transferred in the standard 16:9 format. Alternative formats support the visualization of this exhibition concept only under special adaptations.

For the digital exhibition stands, the format of the exhibition wall is determined by the size of the total exhibition stand area and the height of the stand. The LED modules usually have a standard size of 49.6 x 49.6 cm. If you build a back wall with 2.50 cm stand height and 3 m stand width, then 5 modules are used in height and 6 modules in width. This results in an image format of 6:5. Here, the content for your project must either be specially produced or existing content must be "cut to size". 

In order to play the digital content at the event, it requires a power output of about 600 watts per square meter at your booth. On the other hand, it does not require a WLAN connection, as our cloud is connected to a sim card that is plugged into the controller of the digital exhibition stand. In addition, a laptop can also be used as a second screen for data transmission.

Trade fair planning of LED trade fair stands

The trade fair planning of a digital, individual trade fair stand is similar to the planning of a conventional trade fair stand. We are happy to take over the trade fair service on site for you, so that you can concentrate on communicating with the trade fair visitors.


Exhibition service on the stand

Before the trade fair appearance, we advise you on the size and format of your digital trade fair stand, which is flexible in arrangement like a modular trade fair stand. In our Service Hub, we build your digital trade show booth for trial and send you drawings as documents as well as photos for acceptance. The transport to the exhibition center as well as the assembly and disassembly on site will also be taken care of by our experienced assemblers in the exhibition service. Instead of a digital exhibition stand, you can also request individual LED exhibition walls.

To ensure that your marketing activities are a success, we also support you during the trade fair. Our live support monitors the playback of the content the entire time and intervenes in case of difficulties. A change of content can also be made during the trade fair.


Software solutions for your trade fair

Our requirement for solutions for successful trade show marketing is the more secure processing of your data. Our software solution for your digital trade fair presence is used worldwide, with the software manufacturer's servers hosted online within Europe.

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Examples of digital exhibition stands with LED exhibition walls

Due to the advantages mentioned above, more and more customers are turning to the digital trade show booth to make their trade show activities more dynamic and agile. But also to avoid investment and fixed costs and to design your projects with pure variable costs. Read more about the advantages in our practical examples on the digital trade fair stand.

Do you have any questions?

My name is Marius Palm and I will be happy to answer your questions about the features and functionality of LED modules as well as our design services for your LED exhibition stand.



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