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Virtual exhibition tour

Take visitors on a digital discovery tour through your product portfolio.

Virtual trade fair tour as an interactive discovery tour

A virtual trade show tour is a virtual tour through the animation of your physical trade show booth or through your virtual showroom. You can't reach your entire target group physically on site? Send your prospects and customers on a discovery tour and let them immerse themselves in your product world online. 

With a 360° trade fair tour, you provide a transparent all-round view, provide information about your products and services and inspire with eye-catchers. Seamlessly integrated into your website, the virtual trade fair tour is an efficient marketing tool.

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Advantages of the virtual trade fair tour

Promoting interaction

Use info points to create a discovery tour through the virtual trade fair tour.

High dwell time

Increase dwell time on the website and increase search engine visibility.

No location needed

They allow potential customers to gain insight into your company and product worlds at any time.

Create curiosity

Interactive, playful and away from the norm? Customize your virtual tour of the trade fair.

Virtual trade fair tour as a digital marketing tool

Whether it's a virtual trade show, a virtual trade show booth, or a virtual trade show tour - these digital tools have one thing in common: They take advantage of all the benefits of location and time independence and can captivate users in the digital world. Unlike physical trade fair construction, there are no limits in the digital world. Your virtual trade fair tour should not take place in your showroom, but on the moon, at the North Pole or at your company location? That's no problem at all!

Integrated on your website, your social media channels or on your own virtual event platform, you can immerse users in your product worlds and leave moving impressions with the help of 360° images. Instead of being a passive observer, the user is actively involved in a virtual tour of the trade fair and decides for himself how long he wants to take a look at what. 

2D, 3D, Panorama or VR?

How you move around in the virtual environment depends on the environment you create. Whether the user discovers your product worlds with VR glasses and their own avatar or clicks through individual rooms in a simple 2D environment depends on your wishes and those of your target group. In the virtual world, anything is possible. In an initial joint discussion, you can tell us about your ideas of what user interaction should look like and our team of 3D artists, project managers and developers will advise you on the pros and cons.


Virtual trade show tour as a hybrid concept

Based on your physical trade fair appearances and exhibitions in showrooms, the virtual trade fair tour can be realized as a hybrid event. As a service provider for trade fair services, we understand how to provide you with a complete package. From the planning of your physical trade fair stand to the creation of a virtual trade fair tour, you can rely on us. Together with you, we will create a concept that is tailored to the needs of your target group in order to inspire visitors for your company in both the physical and the digital world.

Expand your opportunities to win customers with a virtual tour of the fair