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Virtual Showroom

Extend their physical showroom with its digital twin in the virtual world to be always available for your customers.

The virtual showroom - also known as the digital showroom - is a symbiosis of physical showrooms and digital content. The virtual showroom presents products and services, which are interactively brought closer to the prospective customer with the help of info points. The Shworoom can be called up in a web browser and integrated into your website or virtual event platform. Innovative 3D or virtual reality technologies are used to visualize the virtual space. The virtual showroom is accessible 24 hours a day and benefits from its unlimited reach and non-existing physical limitations regarding the construction and design of the virtual space. We humans have become accustomed to looking around in virtual spaces, conversing with other people, and have learned the benefits of multimedia networking. The virtual showroom in the Metaverse can be customized and can be optimally complemented as a hybrid event with the physical showroom. The virtual showroom thus represents a digitalization of sales opportunities.

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Advantages of the virtual showroom

Location and time-independent

Customers and interested parties can call up and visit your virtual showroom 24/7.


The virtual showroom can be embedded on the website or accessed in the web browser.

Multimedia content

In your virtual showroom you can integrate multimedia content (videos, whitepapers, forms etc.)

Interactive design

Interact with visitors to your virtual showroom via chat and video conferencing.


There are no physical limits to showrooms in the digital world - and therefore no limits to your ideas either.


The realization of the virtual showroom is cheaper compared to its physical counterpart.

Variants of the virtual showroom

However, while the definition is based exclusively on the virtual environment,
in reality several variants of virtual showrooms have developed that need to be distinguished.

The exclusively virtual showroom

This virtual showroom is created only in and for virtual space and has no real counterpart.

  • Companies are independent of the size of the space. The size of the virtual Showroom can be designed as desired without incurring higher rental costs.

  • The virtual Showroom is significantly cheaper than a real showroom. Physical exhibition construction of the showroom, rental costs, fabrication or purchase of exhibits is not necessary.

  • Visitors have the possibility to visit the showroom 24 hours a day.

The virtual showroom as a digital twin

This virtual showroom is created as a 1:1 copy of a real showroom and is considered a digital twin.

  • In contrast to the real showroom, the virtual showroom is open around the clock.

  • The virtual platform also offers real sales staff the opportunity to show the customer the products.

  • Customers do not have to travel to see the latest products.

  • Humans can more easily store and remember knowledge related to a spatial perception.

The extended virtual showroom

This virtual showroom is a digital twin with extended functions to the real showroom.

  • The virtual showroom offers infinite floor space for displaying the entire product portfolio.

  • The costs of the virtual showroom are significantly lower than those of the real showroom: exhibits do not have to be purchased or produced.

  • The extended virtual showroom can be published in addition to real showrooms, presenting additional exhibits that did not find a place in the real showroom.

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Virtual showroom as a digital sales tool

The virtual showroom, like a virtual exhibition stand or a virtual trade fair, is used to present a company's products and services. With the virtual showroom, you can extend your sales activities into the virtual world and generate leads online.

  • Attract potential customers to your products and services by increasing your reach with the showroom.

  • Answer questions via chat and interact with prospects.

  • Invite customers and accompany them virtually through the showroom.

Virtual showroom design

The virtual showroom is set up with the help of 3D and virtual reality technologies. A 360° display allows the visitor to look around the entire room. The virtual showroom goes one step further than the virtual tour of the trade fair and allows the individual walk-through of the showroom and not a prefabricated video sequence.

There are no limits to your ideas for the virtual showroom and it can be set up individually and in line with your company's corporate design.


What our customers say


Thanks to the competent and professional cooperation with WWM, we were able to implement an innovative trade fair stand again this year, which delighted both visitors and employees.
Martin Jahn
Senior Sales Manager, CARAT GmbH
We were able to realize a virtual showroom with WWM, whose design was individually tailored to us and thus perfectly fits our needs. The team of WWM has supported us along the entire development with any change request and support needs within the shortest possible time and pointed out solutions that have now resulted in a very nice product. We appreciate the joint cooperation very much.
Logo Kautex
Sophia Steinberger
We are pleased to have RocketExpo as a creative and solution-oriented partner at our side. The professional project management and the flexibility to respond to our individual wishes characterize the cooperation for us in particular.
Lea Klink
Lea Klink
Marketing & Communication Managerin, PEM Motion GmbH

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