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Corporate Metaverse Platform

Communicate with your own avatar in the virtual world.
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Immerse yourself in the metaverse with the Corporate Metaverse Platform

The Corporate Metaverse Platform offers completely new ways of digital interaction. In a true-to-life virtual reality, visitors can walk through the metaverse with their individually created avatar, communicate with other visitors, work together with them or even make purchases.

Once visitors are immersed in this digital environment, it manages to keep their attention all the time. Navigation is intuitive via mouse and keyboard. There are no limits to this virtual world. Rooms can be expanded again and again and static laws do not have to be considered.


Quote from Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz, CEO WWM GmbH & Co. KG

If you don't offer your own corporate metaverse solution in five years, you'll be like a company with no web presence at all today.


Advantages of Corporate Metaverse Platform

Virtual experience

The realistic representation in virtual reality provides an experiential character and invites visitors to the Corporate Metaverse Platform to explore.

Virtual interaction

With the help of various chats and the possibility to directly address visitors of the Corporate Metaverse Platform, an exchange is given.

Presentations in the auditorium

Have large events take place in an auditorium. Make your webinar interactive with chats and polls.

Web-based platform for campus

Visiting the campus does not require any installation, but is accessed and used by the visitor via browser. 

Create your an individually avatar

After registering on the Corporate Metaverse Platform, visitors can create their own virtual avatar with which to explore the virtual world.

With the avatar, the visitor can move around the metaverse and get in touch with other avatars.


Communication on the virtual campus

Via audio

Visitors can use a headset to talk to people in their immediate vicinity. People who are further away hear them correspondingly more quietly. In this way, the Corporate Metaverse Platform creates as realistic a sense of space as possible. Visitors to a meeting can hear each other clearly, regardless of distance. Speakers can be heard by all visitors to the virtual world. Space for personal conversations is created in special conversation boxes.

Via chat

Visitors can communicate with other visitors or the event organizers via private chats, meeting room chats, or global chats. Administrative chat can be used to quickly discuss with colleagues during an event.

Media library

Documents can be offered for download in a library that adapts to the access rights of each visitor.

Visitors can save documents in their briefcase, access them at any time. It is possible to search for documents and divide them by categories.



Event management at the metaverse

Organize meetings

  • Up to 30 people in one meeting.

  • Screen sharing directly to the world and

    meeting chat.

  • Upload meeting content that can be stored in participants' rooms.

  • Different meeting room designs can be integrated.

Host small discussion groups

  • Up to 6 people in one roundtable

  • The number of discussion rounds depends on the room and the hardware

  • Individual design of the room possible in advance

  • Use of the auditorium to address everyone directly.

All functions at a glance:

  • Corporate Metaverse Platform in your company's corporate design

  • Web-based platform that requires no installation

  • Creation of an individual avatar that can walk through the virtual world and communicate with others

  • Movement in an individually designed virtual reality world

  • Communication with other visitors via chat or audio



Variants of Corporate Metaverse Platform


Creation of a subdomain


Design from template templates with predefined rooms & branding.

Standardized backend and library structure

Request standard


Own top-level domain


Individual design of the environment. Templates can be used.

Individual features and programming of the backend.

Request enterprise

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With WWM, we not only introduced a high-performance software solution for digital events at Cornelsen, but also gained an extremely competent and passionate partner. From planning to the last detail in implementation, Carina Lenzen's team was always at our side as a creative and service-oriented sparring partner. This is also reflected in the positive feedback we received from the large number of teachers, lecturers and trainee teachers we reached with the FOBI Festival North. We had simply not expected this overwhelming amount of positive feedback in advance. Digital events will be indispensable for us in the future and we look forward to the upcoming joint projects with the WWM.
Bastian Otto
Bastian Otto
Leiter Markenkommunikation und Veranstaltungen , Cornelsen Verlag GmbH
The virtual career day was super accepted both internally and externally. Everyone was delighted with the design and the functions. Our visitors emphasized in their conversations how much they value this opportunity for communication. Our employees were thrilled with the modern and easy way to stay in touch with the target group. And the cooperation with the WWM team was also really top! Here I would especially like to emphasize the flexibility, creativity, spontaneity and speed of the work.
REWE Group
Kaja Gut
Expertin Employer Branding, REWE Group
We were able to realize a virtual showroom with WWM, whose design was individually tailored to us and thus perfectly fits our needs. The team of WWM has supported us along the entire development with any change request and support needs within the shortest possible time and pointed out solutions that have now resulted in a very nice product. We appreciate the joint cooperation very much.
Sophia Steinberger

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