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Virtual events

Our team of Metapilots plan and implement virtual events together with you.

Seminars, showrooms, trade fairs: Event formats of virtual events

Virtual events have become increasingly important in recent years. In this type of event, participants move online in a virtual environment. Just like physical events in direct marketing, great importance is attached to interaction with the participants of the virtual event. Completely virtual or hybrid: We show you how you can use virtual event formats to convey information, present new products or provide entertainment. Expand your marketing to include virtual or hybrid events.

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Virtual event formats

Every event can also be mapped virtually. Discover our event formats.

The virtual trade fair stand can be a virtual copy (Digital Twin) of your trade fair stand on your website or a stand-alone event that takes place exclusively online. We will work with you to create a custom design for your virtual booth. Learn more about functional info points and providing information brochures, business cards, videos and references.

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The virtual trade show tour is a virtual tour through the animation of your real trade show booth. The virtual tour through your animated trade fair stand can be created as live video or as video on-demand. Together we create your individual trade fair tour with a storyboard. Learn more about the sequence of the virtual tour and the integration of video product presentations.

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Virtual trade fairs are online events in which usually several exhibitors participate and take advantage of the location independence. Our virtual event platform can also be used for one exhibitor and n visitors. Get to know the other advantages of our virtual event platform. 

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Virtual exhibition for Cornelsen


A virtual showroom can be used as a digital copy (digital twin) of a real showroom or as a newly designed, virtual space. In both cases, the virtual showroom expands sales opportunities in the online space. Learn more about the advantages of multimedia networking in the virtual showroom.

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The virtual seminar or virtual conference includes a virtual plenary hall and virtual group workrooms. These can be used for web conferencing and interaction opportunities. Learn more about the interaction possibilities and live sessions in virtual seminars.

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Virtuelles Seminar


Hybrid events are virtual supplements to real events. An event can be accompanied online before, during and after the real event. The combination of real and virtual trade show ensures that you use the advantages of both worlds to create an optimal experience for your visitors. Learn more about the implementation possibilities of hybrid events.

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Hybride Veranstaltungen


Advantages of virtual events

  • High reach to people anywhere in the world who have an Internet-enabled device.

  • Success can be measured quickly and in real time through participant numbers and measurability of interaction through clicks.

  • Sustainability is supported by eliminating travel and transportation of materials.

Disadvantages of virtual events

  • High technology dependency means higher risk in case of failures, disruptions or more preparation due to different behavior on different browsers.

  • Different time zones must be taken into account when planning the virtual event.

  • Lack of personal contact as a challenge of conveying emotions, atmosphere and familiarity.

With the Cornelsen Book Fair East, we were able to reach our target groups with our own digital trade fair offering despite the cancellation of the major industry trade fairs due to the pandemic. The playful exploration in the 3D pano-rooms and the digitized trade fair shelves was very well received by our customers. We thank WWM for the professional implementation and the good and constructive cooperation.
Elke Wittenborn
Brand Communication and Events, Cornelsen Verlag GmbH
The virtual career day was super accepted both internally and externally. Everyone was delighted with the design and the functions. Our visitors emphasized in their conversations how much they value this opportunity for communication. Our employees were thrilled with the modern and easy way to stay in touch with the target group. And the cooperation with the WWM team was also really top! Here I would especially like to emphasize the flexibility, creativity, spontaneity and speed of the work.
Kaja Gut
Expertin Employer Branding, REWE Group
Developing our virtual showroom together with WWM was a completely new and exciting experience. The traditional ambience - paired with the digital touchpoints - has not only excited customers and interested parties but also our employees. The virtual showroom offers the added value of being able to find out about CARAT innovations 24/7. We thank WWM for the professional implementation and the good, constructive cooperation.
Claudia Schultheis
Marketing Manager, CARAT

Offline and online events - hybrid events

You are not yet sure how you want to execute your next event? Do you have initial ideas and need help with the implementation of your event? Should it be a virtual event or rather take place on site? Or maybe both? The choice is yours.

The strategy of hybrid events consists of both virtual and physical events. In contrast to offline events in trade show construction, the special feature here is that this type of event usually takes place digitally and physically in parallel. By combining physical and virtual events, the advantages of both worlds can be used to ensure an optimal experience for the event participant.

There are many different hybrid event options. You can record your presenters or speakers' talks and stream them live for attendees at their desks, or the other way around, broadcast the session from the home office to the big screen. Training sessions can be held just as easily with one part of the people on site and the other part at their desks. We support you with our experience in trade fair construction as well as in the implementation of virtual events from trade fair service to catering or event controlling.

This way, as many people as possible are reached and both types of participants are offered an experience in a special atmosphere. In addition, it offers a high added value through great planning reliability.

If you have already decided to hold a hybrid event, we will accompany you during the implementation. Experience shows that hybrid events are only profitable with a higher number of participants, as the initial outlay is high. We clarify with you the challenges in the implementation of hybrid events and show you how you can attract the visitor's attention and offer added value.

Virtual event costs

As with physical events, the cost of a virtual event depends on the scope of the event. The costs also differ depending on which software solutions you choose. We offer three levels for this: The VirtualShow plugin, the creation of a Virtual Engagement Platform or Corporate Metaverse Platform. Virtual events benefit from economies of scale. The costs for the second event are significantly lower because templates can be adopted. In addition, the cost of a virtual event is lower compared to physical events. When running a hybrid event, it is important to note that due to the setup of a physical and virtual event, the costs are higher than running one event.

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Virtual events - The range of services offered by WWM

We support you in the creation of a concept, planning as well as implementation and analysis of your virtual event.

Participant and invitation management

Staff training for live stream presenters and speakers

Integration of conferences, networking sessions, webinars and interactions

Customized agenda

Integration of content for download in a media library

Live support during the event

Evaluation of event analysis

There are no limits to your ideas for your individual, virtual event. Whether:

  • 3-hour conference followed by networking

  • Multi-day, international trade fair with integrated workshops

  • or internal employee party with live band

After logging in, participants can enter the individual virtual rooms and move freely through the virtual world. On the platform, you can interact with visitors via different tools, depending on the concept. Content can be made available to visitors. Streams are played live or on demand. The number of visitors is only limited with the webinar license you choose.

Software for virtual events

All virtual events are planned and executed in the ExpoCloud . After consultation with you, the optimal software solution for you will be activated there. You can implement a virtual event yourself or hand over the implementation of the technology to our experienced project managers. With the software you can bring in all your ideas, for example create different rooms, integrate contents as well as tools, like teams or zoom. Alternatively, you can share your ideas with our project managers, who will take care of the planning, implementation and event analysis for you.

On the virtual event platform, visitors to your virtual events only need a browser with the latest version and Internet access. This means the least possible effort is guaranteed for the participants. No training of the technology or tools is required in advance for the participants. 

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Want to learn more about virtual events?

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FAQs about virtual events