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Digitization in live communication

Your events digitally on the pulse of time.

Digitalisation of the event industry

Digitalisation is advancing and revolutionising the trade fair industry. The aim is not to make trade fair appearances 100% digital, but to use digital resources and processes to be able to act more flexibly, sustainably and individually. This can be the use of LED technology, but also the use of software for success analyses or customer acquisition.

Benefits of Digitalisation

Benefits of digitization at the trade fair stand

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Digital trade fair service

Digital planning and logistics

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Increase reach with digital events

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Visitor measurement

Making trade fair success measurable

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Advantages of the digitalisation of trade fairs

Digitalisation facilitates and simplifies many processes in trade fair construction. The aim of digital events is to save resources and thus to realise trade fair appearances more efficiently, quickly and profitably. The advantages start with the trade fair strategy and continue through planning to implementation and evaluation.

Digitalisation facilitates the planning of trade fairs

Every trade fair appearance must be well prepared and well thought out. While you can forget one or two things when using pen and paper, single-source software offers the appropriate solution. The Single Source software has all your "construction sites" in view, so that your trade fair presentation will be successful. Find out more about the single-source software solution here.

Digitisation reduces effort

In addition to the planning of your trade fair presentation, logistics is also an important component. By using software and digitalised processes, you can quickly check which stand resources are available. This reduces costs and stress. You can find out more about cost reduction here. 

Digitisation is sustainable

Another advantage of digitalisation is sustainability. With the help of digitalisation, processes that have already been developed can be used again and again. This saves resources and protects the environment. You can find out more about sustainability in the trade fair sector here: Sustainability

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Use trade fair software for digital processes

The use of event resource management makes agile collaboration possible. It can be used to control the administration of advertising materials and trade fair components. This ensures secure user and event management.

Furthermore, the use of the "Studio" software facilitates trade fair planning. With the help of "Studio", you can put together your trade fair stand online and use the appropriate furniture and graphics directly.

Digitalisation makes planning trade fairs easier. Learn more about the ExpoCloud here.

Software for digital processes

Digitising events

Digitising events can be realised in many ways. The decisive factor is which digital concept suits your company? We will be happy to advise you on your trade fair planning.

Digitisation of physical events

The digitalisation of physical events is referred to as a digital exhibition stand. This is differentiated from virtual events because it is live and equipped with digital resources such as LED video walls for animations or digital steles for lead generation.


Virtual events as part of digitalisation

Virtual events are useful additions to the live trade fair presence. A great advantage of virtual events is that they can be used all year round, so they do not necessarily have to be used in parallel with a live event. In order to find the right virtual format here, the experts at WWM are of course available to you as contacts. If you would like to find out more about virtual events, then read on here: virtual events.


Hybrid events for the digitalisation of events

Hybrid events are events that take place live and virtually at the same time. With a hybrid event, you offer your visitors the best experience from both worlds. Find out more about hybrid events here: Hybrid Events

Reduced effort  

Digitalisation reduces the effort of planning and logistics, which means that costs can be saved.

Precise analyses

With the help of software and sensors, accurate analyses of trade fair appearances are possible.


Thanks to digital technology, such as LED video walls, the use of resources is possible more often.

Digitalisation at the exhibition stand

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Making the success of events measurable through digitalisation

Everyone knows by now that analyses and evaluations can be carried out on any online platform. In almost every company, everything in the online area is tracked and analysed. With the help of digitalisation, it is now also possible to measure and evaluate live events. With the help of sensors and corresponding software, every centimetre at a live event can be analysed. All important parameters that are crucial for a successful trade fair appearance can be measured and analysed. Thus, the success analysis of live events is in no way inferior to the analyses from online marketing. 

Make events measurable

FAQs about the digitisation of trade fairs

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