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Mockup train project for ABB Switzerland Ltd.



Type of event

Live demonstration


ABB Switzerland Ltd.

PMA Cable Protection


Cable protection systems

Aim of the project

As the originally planned exhibition stand for ABB at InnoTrans 2021 could not be implemented due to the Corona pandemic, the mock-up train developed for the exhibition stand was unceremoniously developed further for a product presentation. The presentation of the cable protection connections took place as a hybrid event both on site in the showroom and in a livestream.

The Project

As an originally planned trade fair stand, the mock-up train for the presentation of cable protection solutions was shown to ABB's customers in a livestream. Using a train sample that was as realistic as possible, the product was demonstrated in its function and ensured that the components could also be presented haptically in the livestream.

In order to maximise the number of ABB products and keep future shipping costs low, the focus during planning was on the interaction of shipping dimensions (the elements are each only the size of Euro pallets at a height of 2m) and the installation dimensions of 26 individual ABB PMA products.

Dirk Jansen

Dirk Jansen

Projektmanagement & Design

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Special features

The mock-up train was originally intended as an eye-catcher for the exhibition stand at InnoTrans. Since this could not take place, the train was finally developed further as an independent project.

The train consists of three units: A locomotive, the train and the accessories. The interiors of the train and carriages are illuminated by RGB LED light strips. In addition, various ABB solutions for presentation are installed on and in the train. These include, among others, a cable guide on the roof with transitional gallows between the locomotive and the wagon, monitors in the wagon, a dummy coupling and a real wheel sensor.

ABB Mockup Train Interior View

Hybrid event

The original idea for the participation in InnoTrans was that the solution of the cable protection connections should be viewed, discussed and experienced together with interested parties and customers on site at the exhibition stand. Unfortunately, this could not be made possible due to the cancellation of the trade fairs. Therefore, the mock-up train including all products was set up in an ABB showroom and demonstrated during a livestream. In addition to the presentation of the cable protection solutions on the train model, this livestream also provided insights into PMA's production and in-house test laboratories. 

Click here for the recording: PMA Livestream:  Cable protection solutions for railway infrastructure

ABB Hybrid Event with Mockup Train

Personal thoughts on the project

The train with all the desired parameters and the limited dimensions was both a challenge and a pleasure, as you could use all your technical knowledge and creativity for practical solutions. In addition, the cooperation with ABB-PMA was very pleasant. A joint final assembly at our site in Monschau ensured that the mock-up train could be equipped and handed over as desired.

The professional and creative thinking and implementation by WWM's RocketExpo business unit was one of the main reasons why we were able to complete our hybrid trade fair project successfully and within the specified time frame.
Felix Ingold
Marketing Manager
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