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6 times Berlin and back

Press release from 30.09.2014

We are often asked how we manage to offer our myWWM customers all-inclusive prices for the assembly service. Flat rate means that no matter when and where in Germany we assemble an exhibition stand for our customers, the same price always applies.

Flat rates through bundling

The "secret" lies in the WWM principle of bundling, which we can exploit thanks to our expertise in certain industries. For large events, we don't set up for one customer, but for several - so the costs incurred are spread out and we can pass on the savings to customers in the form of fair prices.

Example career fair Connecticum

The principle can be demonstrated particularly well at the Connecticum career fair, which is held regularly in Berlin. At Tempelhof Airport, more than 400 large companies presented themselves at the beginning of May to recruit junior staff. WWM set up booths for 6 clients at the same time at this event. All customers rely on the WWMcloud for the organization and implementation of recruiting events and use our flat-rate set-up service. This means that the booth is already set up when the customers arrive at the trade fair and the booth staff can concentrate fully on selecting applicants.

By the way, easy-to-transport and above all space-saving exhibition systems and furniture are particularly popular at recruiting events. That's why our customers Oracle and SEC Consult use the VLB130 system construction chew and folding displays from our Invent Kinetic C series. Bar stools or seating cubes, which we offer for rent as part of the WWMcloud solution, are ideal as seating furniture. The icing on the cake is the myWWM meets Nespresso Solution, where we deliver the counter, coffee machine, coffee and accessories directly to the stand - without the customer having to worry about further catering planning.