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WWM realizes green trade fair concept for Papstar

Press release from 31.01.2014

For the Horecava 2014 in Amsterdam, WWM GmbH & Co. KG realized for the first time a completely green trade fair concept for the customer Papstar. The trade fair stand consists almost entirely of renewable and recyclable raw materials. Thus, the design is completely in line with the Papstar Pure series, which was currently presented at HORECAVA.

All components of the exhibition stand are made of stable honeycomb cardboard, are 100% recyclable and come from WWM's Exponative product series. The name Exponative is derived from the terms Exposition, Nature and Regenerative and describes probably the most sustainable exhibition stand currently available, which makes a minimal environmental impact possible.

Green trade fair concept by WWM for Papstar         Press release on the trade fair concept for Papstar

Project manager Dirk Jansen explains the basic idea behind the concept: "On the one hand, the raw material cardboard picks up on the wording of the Papstar brand, playfully linking the building material used with the brand name. More importantly, however, the trade show concept is a consistent continuation of the Pure series, which consists of sustainable, recyclable products."

With the trade fair stand, Papstar embarked on the exciting and completely new idea of realizing a complete design concept solely from 10mm-thick honeycomb cardboard. In addition to various challenges, this unusual building material offered many new design possibilities. In terms of the shape of the individual components, there were virtually no limits to the imagination. For the Papstar trade show concept, for example, it was possible to make the counters in the shape of bamboo leaves - to match the floor, which was also made of bamboo wood.

All components were cut out at WWM using state-of-the-art CNC robots. In combination with a razor-sharp printed image, amazing 3D effects could be achieved, which attracted the attention of the trade fair visitors. Of course, attention was also paid to environmentally friendly, solvent-free production processes when printing the honeycomb panels, so that the entire concept is in line with the idea of the sustainable Papstar Pure series.