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WWM brings trade fair industry to digital life

Press release from 11.05.2020

The company WWM, which offers modular rental systems, has expanded its product portfolio in times of corona crisis with digital solutions. These individual solutions are alternatives to a real trade fair that can be implemented at short notice and can serve as a supporting measure to real trade fair appearances when trade fair operations commence.

Virtual exhibition stand

Fair operations suspended for unknown duration

It is still uncertain when the trade show will resume. While some believe that the trade show will start in the fall, others suspect that it will not start until next year. During this transitional phase, however, business at the companies does not stop. Particularly in this difficult economic phase, companies would like to continue to inform customers and interested parties about new products and maintain a regular exchange with business partners such as suppliers. However, since personal contact is currently not possible, we have to rely on digital solutions.

WWM expands product portfolio with digital measurement solutions

In total, the event marketing on demand expert can offer three digital solutions for companies, which have already been successfully implemented for the first customers. The digital solutions do not replace a trade show, but are also intended to support a real trade show appearance in the future.


1. virtual trade fair tour

The Virtual Trade Show Tour is a virtual tour through the animation of a real trade show booth. The virtual tour through the animated trade fair stand can be created as live video or as video on-demand in a very short time. The sequence of the virtual tour and the integration of video product presentation within the Virtual Trade Fair Tour are done according to Storybook.


2. virtual booth

The Virtual Exhibition Stand is the Digital Twin of a real exhibition stand, which is represented in the virtual world. This means that the Virtual Booth is not present in reality, instead it only takes place in the simulation. Interaction with visitors is possible via the retrieval of info points, forms, chat bots and video tours. In addition, the Virtual Booth can be promoted as an on-demand video on your company website, in newsletters or on social media to increase its reach.


3. Digital in-house exhibition

The Digital In-House Show is a recording of product presentations either via green screens in a virtual booth or on the real booth via webinar or on-demand. Product information can thus be shared digitally with customers, prospects and partners.

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