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Data - the basis for successful digital transformation

Press release from 19.09.2017

The Eifel Forum 2017 discusses the topic "Digitalization - new opportunities for the world of life and work

Imgenbroich. The digital transformation continues to advance in the region as well. Exponential growth, online portals and digital data collection are terms of digitalization as we experience it today. Digital transformation is a change in the economy that has already begun and that companies must keep pace with. Last Friday, just before the Monschau Business Day, digitalization was the topic focus at the Eifel Forum 2017. "Digitalization - new opportunities for the world of life and work" was the topic of discussion for the evening. Guests from business and science, Prof. Dr. Marco Motullo, Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz and Mr. Boris Loo, gave deep insights into the art of digitalization.

The event at the Himo in Imgenbroich was opened by Mr. Björn Schmitz, center manager and business promoter at the city of Monschau and strengthened by a greeting from Mayor Margareten Ritter. She showed herself highly interested, but still had to admit: "I may not be able to follow everything this evening, even though I am very interested in the topic."

The event started with the lecture of Prof. Dr. Marco Motullo from the FH Aachen, who brought the revolution of economy and society close. Simple examples showed how far digitalization has advanced and changed our world. He also showed the upcoming changes that will take the economy and also society on their way in the future. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify & Co. are pioneers of digitalization and realistically show the economic redistribution that digitalization brings with it. From the almost historical vinyl record to simple streaming via cell phone, tablet or PC.


Asking the right questions

Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz, CEO of WWM GmbH in Monschau, Germany, experiences digitization firsthand in his company. From the classic trade fair builder, to the winner of a total of three IT awards this year, confirm him the risky step of questioning his own company. Because the important question in the digitalization he asked, provided the general attention in the room. "The question is not whether we need to change. The question is whether we will be fast enough to keep up with digitization." His subsequent success in proving himself as a booth builder in the software and IT sector reinforced his resolve. He simplifies his audience's understanding with vivid explanations, real-world examples and light-hearted anecdotes. "I didn't know I was in the coffee business at all until then," he jokes. That's because last year, WWM made significant sales from coffee capsules. Coppeneur-Gülz's company offers a software solution for easy trade show planning and execution. For example, they take care of the set-up and dismantling of exhibition stands, the appropriate handling of advertising materials, and logistics and storage. And just the corresponding hospitality, including coffee capsules and machines. All this can be booked easily via the software, which is called myWWM. Data is seen as a raw material and is irreplaceable for Coppeneur-Gülz as he continues to keep pace with digitization and move his company forward in the future.

The final and concluding presentation by Eupen marketing expert Boris Loo, once again provided insightful insights into the digitalization of marketing. New thinking and modern tools in our ever more digitalizing and technical world open up new possibilities to make local companies quickly known. Selected customer examples substantiated Loo's statements.

The speakers of the event gave important impulses for entrepreneurs and their thinking in the region. A subsequent get-together with snacks and drinks provided for an exchange of opinions on a professional level. Ms. Ritter mentioned in conclusion to the evening: "I understood everything. The examples that were given were easy to follow and were presented in an exciting way."