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The Event Performance App - ExpoCloud® Insights

Press release from 08.11.2017

Under the name ExpoCloud® Insights, WWM GmbH & Co. KG has released the first event performance app. Event managers can access data such as number of trade show visitors, number of booth visitors, dwell time and percentage of returning visitors on demand. The app shows all KPIs, graphs on a daily basis and charts on event progress. Comparable to Google Analytics in online marketing, live marketing becomes measurable and transparent with ExpoCloud® Insights.


Brand awareness in numbers


The number of event visitors within a 50-meter radius of the booth and the number of booth visitors provide information about quantitative brand awareness. A comparison of all events based on these performance figures shows which events generate the highest brand awareness. Visitor trends at events can also be identified at an early stage and measures can be initiated in good time. With limited budgets and increasingly target group-specific event formats, ExpoCloud® Insights provides a data-based decision-making basis. Both for the strategic orientation of live communication and for annual planning in event management.


Analyze visitor behavior and booth concepts

With the number of visitors to the stand during the course of the day, the length of stay and the proportion of returning visitors, many questions can be answered on the basis of data. Is there enough booth staff on site to address all potential leads? How target group-oriented is the approach and communication at the event? Is the promotion at the booth as successful as expected? Which exhibit is more attractive? Is the info terminal being used? Are there enough seats available for longer conversations? How busy is the counter area? The ExpoCloud® Insights app provides all the information that can also be viewed in real time on site at the event.

Download and availability

The ExpoCloud® Insights app is now available free of charge for iOS devices in the App Store. The Android version will be released later this year. An active ExpoCloud account is required to use the app.
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