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Virtual event platform for the implementation of digital events

Press release from 27.10.2020

Whether tight budgets, travel restrictions or climate protection - there are currently many reasons to discover a new event format. Virtual events open up new possibilities in event design and bring many new advantages. How about, for example, a virtual trade fair stand in outer space, on your virtual company premises or in the middle of a honeycomb?


Organize successful online events

The use of new technologies can create an easy-to-use virtual event platform. The event character is transferred to the virtual world and also enables interactive online communication. Exclusive congresses as well as freely accessible virtual webinars and trade fairs can be held on the virtual event platform. The virtual event platform solution includes all the functions needed to actively involve visitors in the online event and immerse them in your product worlds. The success of the event is measured so that the online experience for visitors can be continually optimized.

WWM GmbH & Co. KG offers exhibitors innovative ways to present their product and service worlds in challenging times. While one would like to implement hybrid trade fairs in the future, (combination of real and virtual trade fairs) most real trade fairs are not yet feasible today. In order to create the goal of a perfect symbiosis of real and virtual trade fairs today for the future, the advantages of both approaches are strengthened and the disadvantages are weakened.

In order to provide holistic solutions for virtual events, WWM's solutions are based on the AMICO model. The AMICO model defines the requirements for a virtual event platform for the long-term use of virtual events in the entire customer journey. The platform solutions are additionally certified according to the VEP-RF. 

The AMICO model results in the following requirements for the virtual event:

  • Authority: The platform and content must be fully under the control of the company.

  • Measurable: The success of the virtual and physical trade fairs must be measurable and their impact on the target group transparent.

  • Integrated: It must be possible to integrate the virtual events seamlessly into the company's own software landscape.

  • Connected: The system must be able to "talk" to communication tools via interfaces.

  • Ongoing: It must be possible to offer the content permanently.

The virtual event platform convinces with its advantages and functions, which let the event character transfer into the virtual world. The virtual event platform is independent of location and time and can be integrated into any existing CRM and CMS system. It is also possible to set up an independent CRM and CMS system. The integration of multimedia content (whitepapers, videos, presentations, etc.) offers a varied experience. At the virtual trade fair stand, visitors can discover product innovations and notify the responsible employees directly via chat.

With customer tracking, the visitor's path can be followed and it can be understood in which phase of the customer journey he is and which content offer is relevant for him. Probably the biggest advantage over real events comes from event analytics, which can measure the success of the virtual event. And they enable continuous optimization of the events.

The virtual event platform is not only a gap filler in the current time, but can be used both before, during and after real events to support the real event and strengthen the success.

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