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Excellence on site

Press release from 23.02.2018

Fresh and sunny was the weather - fresh and dynamic the lectures as well as sunny and inspired the minds of the guests. The event series "Excellence works" celebrated the second of a total of four events. This time at the Service Hub of WWM in Alsdorf. Four entrepreneurs, all of them hidden champions of the medium-sized business sector, reported on their practical experience of how the excellence model "UnternehmerEnergie" has led to more sympathy and excellence.

Hidden Champions & Excellence

After the welcome and an intro about the history of the term "hidden champion", first coined by the book "Die heimlichen Gewinner" by Prof. Dr. Dr. H.c. mult. Hermann Simon, the host Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz explained the background of the event series. Dr. Dr. Cay von Fournier, in the book series launched in 2015, took on the topic, specifically highlighting SMEs. All four lecturing entrepreneurs have one thing in common: They have been honored as Hidden Champions of the SME sector and have made it to excellence with sympathy by having answers to the following questions: How to strengthen the customer relationship? How to advance their own products and services? How to authentically change the team spirit in the company from within? And last but not least: How to be a successful and at the same time likeable company?


Friends make sense

Is there a single guiding principle for 'intellectual arson' in a company? Is the question that Claudius Bähr, Managing Director of claudiusbähr+friends, has answered for himself. As a positioning expert for family businesses, which in contrast to corporations are managed differently, Claudius Bähr believes that the idea of friendship with customers and service providers is the defining excellence and long-term success factor. The example of the redesign of the company's own office building, in which all employees were able to implement their ideas and wishes, shows that the guiding principle of friendship comes to life completely and bears fruit that gives employees pleasure and turns them into long-term friends. A clear positioning, also as an employer, to step out of comparability into distinctiveness - The core business of claudiusbähr+friends.


The digital success

Digitization everywhere! Or the chance to learn from it for the future? That was the question that Nico Feldmann from Feldmann Garagentore in Lüneburg asked himself. Based on his own experience with lead sheets at a trade fair, he developed a lead management tool that has since become "The digital sales guide for top salespeople". Looking forward from experience, and with desire, continuously walked the path with tools, methods and a lot of energy to excellence. With the IFTV (Institute for Top Sales), Nico Feldmann now offers a complete package for sales success from the combination of consulting, software and training.


Climate & Success

Enthusiasm in the team! The competitive factor of the future? A clear "Yes", said Sabine Kuropka and Peter Eichmüller, the managing partners of communicall business dialogue. The urge for change according to the principle of pleasure or suffering was most clearly felt in this presentation. After major setbacks, to know the full support of the employees behind you and then within a short period of time to become a successful Hidden Champion of the medium-sized business sector! A terrific path, which was made possible by the excellent performance of the employees. Not a matter of course. The company is perceived by the employees as an oasis of well-being. Exciting insides of the communicall dual leadership left the guests amazed and the inspiration became as tangible as it can be experienced on site at communicall.


Digital meets Culture

How important is the value culture for digital transformation? As a revolutionary and digital pioneer in live communication, Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz addressed this important question, because digitalization can only be carried into the company through a lived culture of values. As a digital pioneer in the industry, he provided valuable insights into how digitalization, from a nucleus within the company, is carried by all employees and thus ensures long-term success. Only a paradigm shift in the corporate culture that allows mistakes and offers freedom for experimentation promotes innovation and makes digitization possible in the first place.


Excellence has a lasting effect

After the presentations, it was meanwhile dark outside and the eyes of the guests shone all the brighter. The interesting conversations over food and drink reflected the personal impressions:

  • "The event yesterday was totally exciting and helpful for me, I learned a lot."

  • "Thank you very much for yesterday's event, very successful."

  • "Is already a cool spirit in your team, I like it very much."

  • "I enjoyed the event very much. Especially the enthusiasm of the presenters. I would wish for this attitude and such commitment from other entrepreneurs as well."