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Live Marketing Asset Management - Important Data at a Glance

Press release from 13.09.2018

Efficient and holistic marketing asset management allows companies to digitally control their resources using one software. Cross-functional and operable by multiple users - our myWWM software meets the highest standards and is therefore the solution for your company. Manage your projects and events online, get information from customers digitally at any time, or monitor all movements via cloud - you always have a full overview of all processes. That's what we call sophisticated marketing asset management.

Live Marketing Asset Management Advantages

  • Reporting and Controlling
  • News administrator
  • Inventory Management
  • Data management

Workflow-based Marketing Asset Management

We enable you to make a personal selection of purpose-built workflows. This way, you make sure not to overlook any relevant details or changes. The software guides you step by step through the various processes of your selected workflow. This creates a risk-free event management.


Global Marketing Asset Management

You have a global overview of your stored data. Work together with selected employees in a team. You don't even need an office to do this. A web-enabled media device is all you need. Work from the beach - no vacation has to be cancelled due to overdue event planning. Boost productivity and employee morale wherever you are.


Always on the safe side

With myWWM, security comes first. Your company's confidential material is perfectly protected thanks to our Marketing Asset Management. Assign user-dependent access rights and manage them in just a few clicks. This way, each user can only access the applications and documents you have assigned to them.


Permanent quality management

You can give us feedback on every order. In this way, we constantly improve our performance: for a high level of customer satisfaction and an optimal result for your company.